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    These Women Baited Trudeau With A Selfie To Ask About Indigenous Rights

    It's an ambush!

    Justin Trudeau has been on a cross-country tour to reconnect with everyday Canadians, and for the most part he's been met with adoring crowds.

    But this week, two students in Halifax used a selfie with the prime minister to press him on his campaign promises to Indigenous people in Canada.

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    And Trudeau's sudden change in facial expression as the photo-op turned serious is priceless.

    They clearly weren't impressed with his answer.

    Video of the sneaky ambush has gotten a big reaction online.

    VIDEO: Trudeau thinks he's posing for a selfie, ends up implicitly admitting his approving pipelines contradicts UN…

    People are screaming.

    I screamed when they asked about UNDRIP and Trudeau tried to jump out of the frame.

    And some are critical of the fact that it "takes a selfie" to get a response from the prime minister.

    It takes a selfie to get a response from Justin Trudeau: implement UNDRIP & respect First Nations veto over natural…

    We weren't sure if we were going to get a chance to talk to him," Ayton said. "But we knew he liked selfies, so we used that as bait... and it worked!"

    "His response was kind of upsetting as well as entertaining," she said, adding that it was "an opportunity for him to be candid with Canadians, and he chose to panic and use a scripted response."

    Still, both students said they're happy to focus attention on important issues, and to show that young people are interested in more than just taking selfies with the prime minister.

    "I want politicians to be held accountable," Olds said, "even if the confrontation feels uncomfortable."