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    This Reporter Called Out Some Creep Who Tried To Kiss Her On Live TV

    "It's not suddenly acceptable to kiss a woman just because she's reporting live on television."

    A man who tried to kiss a Quebec reporter while she was on live TV has apologized to her after she called him out publicly for his "unacceptable" behaviour.

    Radio-Canada / Valerie Micaela Bain / Via Facebook: video.php

    Valerie-Micaela Bain, who works for Radio-Canada, was reporting from Montreal's Osheaga music festival on Friday when a man leaned over her shoulder and tried to kiss her cheek.

    Bain pushed the man away and told him to take a hike. She then calmly finished the rest of her report.

    Radio Canada / Valerie-Micaela Bain / Via Facebook: video.php

    Bain later shared the clip and screenshots of the man's sexual harassment on her Facebook page to show how inappropriate it was.

    “No one can dare to enter my bubble and kiss me while I’m on the air. It is neither adorable nor flattering,” Bain said.

    "It's not acceptable to kiss me just because you see me on the street or anywhere," Bain said. "It's not suddenly acceptable to kiss a woman just because she's reporting live on television."

    Facebook: ValerieMBain

    Bain, who has worked for Radio-Canada for more than a decade, said the man reached out to her a day later and apologized for his awful conduct.

    Facebook: ValerieMBain

    "I wish I could find the best words to express the regret and the shame that I have been feeling following yesterday's events," the man told Bain, according to a note she republished on her Facebook page.

    The man, who said he is a father of two, said he had fallen short of the example he wants to set for his children. He said he was deeply ashamed of normalizing sexual harassment.

    "Another thousand apologies. I can't find any words that justify my action," he said. "I'm sorry."

    Bain's Facebook posts about the incident have been shared thousands of times, with many commenters praising her for standing up against sexual harassment.

    Mikaël Theimer / Via Facebook: ValerieMBain

    Radio-Canada also commended Bain for being a total pro.

    "It goes without saying that Radio-Canada denounces this kind of unacceptable behaviour in regard to our journalists, and that the safety of our journalists is of paramount importance to us," the public broadcaster said in a statement.

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