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    A Mom Made A Hilarious Apology Cake After Thinking Her Daughter Was On All The Drugs

    "Sorry we thought you did meth & coke & pot & heroin."

    This is Rachel Gelmis. Today she's a 20-year-old computer science student at the University of Alabama. But when she was 16, she says she was almost sent to rehab over a faulty drug test at her high school.


    Gelmis told BuzzFeed News her private school had optional drug tests, and her mother was concerned about her behavior at one point and asked the school to test her. The results were a bit shocking, to say the least.

    The school told Gelmis's mother that she pretty much had all the drugs in her system, including pot, cocaine, heroin, and meth.

    "I was freaking out!" Gelmis told BuzzFeed News. "I was so scared. I kept racking my brain for a reason that I might have tested positive for everything, and I had no idea."

    Rachel Gelmis

    Gelmis hadn't done any of the drugs she was accused of using. But her mother Karen still freaked out, and on the drive home from school that day, they discussed different rehab options.

    It wasn't until several hours later that the school realized they'd completely misread the results and that Gelmis had been clean.

    As a way of apology, Gelmis's mom baked her this cake. "Sorry we thought you did meth & coke & pot & heroin," the icing said.

    Rachel Gelmis

    "The cake was actually my idea," Gelmis said.

    She said she's really close with her mom, and this was a way to move past the embarrassing episode in a funny way that would alleviate her mother's guilt.

    "We definitely bonded over it. We still talk about it a lot," she said.

    Even though it all happened four years ago, Gelmis was reminded about it this week on Facebook. She shared the story on Twitter, where it's been shared thousands of times.

    That time my mom genuinely believed I was doing every drug at once bc my idiot school misread my drug test

    A lot of people are shocked how badly the school screwed up here.

    Holy shit, that's one hell of a misread.

    Others had similar horror stories from school.

    this happened to me but I didn't get a cake :(

    "This happened to me but I didn't get a cake," this Twitter user said.

    Honestly, the cake was above and beyond what most of our moms would have done.

    my mom would be like "ok sorry"

    Some of us wouldn't have even survived until the correction.

    i wouldn't have even been alive by the time they told my mom it was misread


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