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    Another Human Foot Has Washed Up On Canada's West Coast

    This is the 13th foot found in the last decade.

    Another human foot has washed up on the British Columbia coast — the 13th in a decade.

    CTV News / Via

    The foot was discovered near Jordan River on Vancouver Island on Dec. 7. It was still connected to the ankle and shin bones and encased in a black shoe.

    The man who reported the foot said his dog found it in a bed of kelp on the beach.

    "She was sniffing the bones so I stopped and took a look, and I saw the bones and noticed it was attached to a shoe," Mike Johns told CTV News.

    People have been regularly finding disembodied human feet washed onto the BC coastline since 2007. Each time, the foot has been inside a running shoe.

    Darryl Dyck / Canadian Press

    The shoes not only protect the feet from decomposition, but also makes them buoyant — which is why the feet make it back relatively intact without the rest of the body.

    The BC Coroners Service told BuzzFeed News it has been able to identify eight of the previous 12 feet, matching them to six individuals. No foul play is suspected in any of the cases.

    The coroners are working with the police to try to find possible matches or links to missing persons cases for the latest foot.

    Andy Watson, a spokesperson for the BC Coroners Service, said the investigation was still in its early stages, and that the investigation would try to identify the person, how they died, and whether it can be prevented in the future.