A Canadian Murder Suspect May Have Admitted To Killing His Girlfriend On Reddit

    Ager Hasan is wanted for the murder of Melinda Vasilije.

    A Canadian man wanted for the murder of his ex-girlfriend may have admitted his guilt on Reddit. In a since-deleted post, a user claiming to be Ager Hasan gave a detailed account of a fight that ended in the death of Melinda Vasilije.


    In late April, Vasilije was found stabbed to death in her apartment in Kitchener, Ontario. The 22-year-old had been in a relationship with Hasan, 24, for about a year, but the two had recently broken up.

    Police say Hasan crossed the border into the United States just hours after her death. He faces second-degree murder charges and a warrant is out for his arrest.

    The Reddit post, allegedly authored by Hasan, described a fight that ended with her death. The user claiming to be Hasan said he acted in self-defence, and provided photos and screenshots of text messages as evidence of his identity.


    "I understand the early judgements made by society, distancing myself makes it seem like I am trying to escape a crime," the post by Reddit user Redasblue101 read. "Im not. Im only trying to give myself some space and fully take in what happened before I turn myself in."

    According to the post, Hasan went to Vasilije's apartment that night in order to patch things up between them. The post said that after reconciling, an argument broke out between the two that turned violent.

    "Wouldnt say a word and just kept slapping me with tears in her eyes. Slaps turned into hits. I told her I was sorry but if she didnt stop Id do something back," Redasblue101 said. "She didnt stop. I then stupidly pushed her, harder than I expected. She fell against the sink."

    According to the Reddit post, Vasilije came at Hasan with a knife, at which point he also allegedly grabbed a knife and fought back.

    "I hit her with it, almost blindly. A few times. I didnt know what happened. I was confused, shocked and scared. I had no intentions of that happening," the post said.

    "When I left I honestly thought she just passed out. Then I looked at the blood, and started freaking out and just ran. I didnt [know] for sure she had died until the next day. I honestly had no intentions of ever doing that to her, I was protecting myself."

    Waterloo Regional Police say they're investigating the Reddit post. Hasan is the main suspect in Vasilije's death.


    "At this point, we believe that Ager Hasan is responsible for the death of Melinda Vasilije," Inspector Mike Haffner said at a news conference this week, according to CTV News.

    Police say they are working with US law enforcement to find Hasan, who was last seen in Pennsylvania on April 28.

    In addition to the second-degree murder charge, Hasan is also wanted for breaching bail conditions stemming from a previous incident at Vasilije's apartment in early April.

    BuzzFeed Canada has reached out to Windsor Police for more information.

    Vasilije's funeral was held in Kitchener this week.


    An earlier version of this article misspelled Inspector Mike Haffner's last name.

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