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    Everyone's Super Impressed With This Sex-Crazed Tortoise Who Saved His Species

    Diego is a legend.

    This is Diego, a Galapagos giant tortoise who pretty much saved his entire species from extinction with his insatiable lust for booty.

    Rodrigo Buendia / AFP / Getty Images

    According to AFP, Diego is over 100 years old and has fathered an estimated 800 offspring.

    The sex-crazed tortoise is a Chelonoidis hoodensis, a species found only on Espanola in the Galapagos Islands. There were only two males and a dozen females of the species left on the island about 50 years ago. But largely through Diego's efforts at a nearby breeding centre, along with six females in his enclosure, the tortoises have bounced back, numbering in the thousands.

    "He's a very sexually active male reproducer," Washington Tapia, a tortoise specialist at Galapagos National Park, told AFP. "He's contributed enormously to repopulating the island."

    Genetic testing shows that Diego has fathered about 40% of the tortoises released on Espanola. The whole species pretty much owes its survival to this sex god.

    Rodrigo Buendia / AFP / Getty Images

    Diego is definitely DTF.

    A living legend. 🐢

    Diego is a legend!!!

    People are already planning tributes to this hero.

    My first son's middle name will be Diego in honor of the tortoise that saved his species.

    Need me a "Diego the sex-mad tortoise" with the word HOPE on a shirt.

    And wondering what it is that makes Diego so irresistible to the ladies.

    I can understand why one male tortoise would be so sexually appealing to female tortoises. It's because he takes things slow

    BTW, if Diego were human, he'd be one of the most prolific dudes ever.
    Rodrigo Buendia / AFP / Getty Images

    God bless you, Diego.

    Rodrigo Buendia / AFP / Getty Images

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