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The 19 Most Saskatchewan Things Ever

The land of living skies, and much more.

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1. When a town sign made you do a double-take.

Big Beaver Saskatchewan, Access Sign
Headtale / Flickr / Via Flickr: headtale

2. Or when this highway sign made perfect sense.


3. When a watermelon was completely normal headgear.

4. When your favourite Roughrider was Pilsner.

The most Saskatchewan thing I've ever seen. -.@TJOnVirgin

5. When there was a silver lining, courtesy of the Co-Op.

The Riders may be terrible this year but at least the Co-Op's Darian Durant-brand BBQ kettle chips are pretty good

6. When this was your go-to comfort food.

There's nothing better than perogies and sausage.


7. When you made Saskatoon berries part of every dessert.

Thank you to whoever bought me lunch today @Wanuskewin_Park bison meatball soup&bannock

9. When hockey skills were a prerequisite for a welding job.

A.G.I. Envirotank / Via

11. When someone threw a snake over a lack of diced onions

Disgruntled customer throws snake at Sask. Tim Hortons employee who refuses to dice his onions


..and then asked for his snake back.

Man involved in Tim Hortons snake-toss incident wants it back


16. When spring was more of a state of mind than a distinct season.

First day of spring in Saskatchewan.....


Wearing shorts and it's snowing. Spring in Saskatchewan.

17. When you saw this in the parking lot.


18. When you stared at this from behind the wheel for hours on end.

19. And finally, when the license plate slogan proved 100% true.

Land of living skies, baby!