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This Pizza Guy Got A Surprise $1,700 Tip When He Showed Up At A Church

"You probably think this is absolutely crazy."

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A church in Windsor, Ontario, surprised a pizza delivery guy with a $1,697 tip after he showed up to find the whole congregation waiting for him and cheering.

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The Celebration of Praise International posted video of the whole thing on YouTube.

The church wanted to do a random act of kindness, so the congregation pooled its money as a tip for some lucky pizza delivery man. They put a bunch of local pizza shops' names in a hat and picked Bob O's Pizzeria.

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The delivery guy showed up to the church with a single pizza to find a room full of people waiting for him.

"You probably think this is absolutely crazy," Mel Freeman, one of the church's pastors, says to the driver in the video.

But he wasn't just a driver. Bob Ristovski is actually the owner of Bob O's, and he frequently does deliveries as well. Co-pastor Kim Freeman told Ristovski she knew how hard it was being a small business owner as she handed him a wad of bills.

"Everybody thinks you're loaded, but you're making ends meet, you're paying all the bills to keep it open. And you're usually the last one to be paid. So I want you to know, tonight you have $1,697. Merry Christmas!"

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