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Let's Test Your Knowledge And See How High You Can Score In This High School Health/PE Exam

🎵 Let's get physical, physical 🎵

Blurred shot of a group of unrecognisable students hanging out together by the lockers; the image is captioned: "Can You pass A Year 12 Health/PE Exam?"
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  1. Which of the following includes two examples of physiological recovery strategies?

  2. Which of the following could be classified as a discrete, closed and self-paced skill?

  3. Which of the following identifies the two types of cardiovascular disease with the highest
    rates of mortality in Australia?

  4. Immediately after taking a kick at goal, the player turns to the team confident of having made a successful kick.
    What type of feedback is the player experiencing?

  5. Which athlete would most benefit from consuming a pre-event meal that is high in
    complex carbohydrates?

  6. Which of the following best demonstrates extrinsic motivation?

  7. Bike lanes have been established in built-up areas.
    Which action area of the Ottawa Charter is this an example of?

  8. A limitation of epidemiology as a measure of health status is that it:

  9. Athletes are training for a 14 kilometre fun run.
    Which combination of physiological adaptations are they aiming to achieve?

  10. Which of the following would most benefit an athlete suffering from high levels of trait

  11. What is cerebrovascular disease?

  12. What are the waste products of the aerobic energy system?

  13. After sustaining an injury, an athlete applies ice and a compression bandage. This is an example of which recovery strategies?

  14. What is the likely effect of a heavy and low-repetition strength training program using
    free weights?

  15. Which of the following best describes atherosclerosis?

  16. What type of feedback occurs when an athlete receives a score at the conclusion of a
    gymnastics routine?

  17. What is the cause of fatigue for the alactacid system?

  18. How could a coach use a circuit training program to develop the aerobic capacity and
    strength of their athletes?

  19. Which of the following would be a suitable weight training plan for enhancing the performance of an endurance athlete?

  20. What is cardiac output?

Questions were taken from previous HSC Personal Development, Health And Physical Education exams, available on the NSW Education Standards Authority website.

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