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What's The Worst TV Storyline You've Witnessed In The Past 10 Years?

Now is the time to vent.

As much as I hate to admit it, the year is nearly ending, which means that the 2010s are just about done and dusted.


Accurate footage of me yeeting away from my problems and into the new year.

But before we usher in a new decade, there's a whole bunch of things to review, including the many, many, MANY hours of TV we've watched over the past 10 years.


So, let's cut straight to it: What's the worst TV storyline you've watched over the past decade?


You're probably still pissed over THAT episode of Gossip Girl where Dan Humphrey's ~real~ identity was finally revealed.

The CW

Was ANYONE happy or satisfied that Dan turned out to be Gossip Girl??? I don't think so.

Perhaps you're still F-U-M-I-N-G over Emily's dad being alive after all that time on Revenge.


This still makes zero sense to me. The whole reason behind Emily seeking "revenge" in the first place was because she believed that her father was framed and murdered?!

Or maybe you're still mourning the number of brain cells you lost after watching the A.D. reveal from Pretty Little Liars.


Seven seasons, I repeat, SEVEN SEASONS of being glued to this show and trying to figure out ~intricate~ clues. But nah, the big A.D. reveal ends up introducing a random new character (Spencer's twin???) and leaves us with way more questions than answers.

And if you're a Glee fan, I'm sure you're still pissed about Will Schuester teaching Spanish when he was absolute chicken shit at it.


If my memory serves me correct, Mr Schue was actually decent at Spanish and a competent teacher at the beginning. But then something happened, there was THAT Ricky Martin episode and all of a sudden he's doesn't know anything about the language he's supposed to be teaching to his students?!

Alright, now's your chance to vent: What's the absolute worst TV storyline from the past decade that you're still mad about?


Drop your answers in the comments below and the best ones will be featured in a upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!