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    21 Things Every '00s Teen Did While Playing Neopets

    Hands up if you're guilty of forgetting to feed your Neopets.

    1. Stressing over which starter Neopet you should select.

    Neopets Inc. / Via

    Only to give it a ridiculous name like Candygirlxo_96.

    2. Checking in and seeing what's new in Main Street.

    Neopets Inc. / Via

    3. Exploring all the different worlds.

    @frigidloki/Neopets Inc. / Via

    4. Chatting to your friends on the Neo.boards.

    5. Constantly forgetting to feed all your Neopets.

    Neopets Inc. / Via


    6. Wishing that all the cute Halloween-themed food was real.

    @rosegoldfidgetspinner/Neopets Inc. / Via

    7. Receiving a cute plushie version of your Neopet.

    @mygirlfriendlovesme/Neopets Inc. / Via

    8. Collecting your daily allowance of omelette from Tyrannian Plateau.

    @naitomea1987/Neopets Inc. / Via

    9. Purchasing all the Neopets merchandise you could get your hands on.

    @J_CAMP_ / Via Twitter: @_JCAMP_

    10. Lusting over all the paint brush options.

    Neopets Inc. / Via

    11. Betting all your Neopoints on the Poogle Races.

    Neopets Inc. / Via, Neopets Inc./@zippyladoodles / Via

    12. Asking the help chat for advice on anything and everything.

    @bogusboat / Via

    13. Trying and failing to budget all your Neopoints.

    @lordlioness / Via

    14. Counting down the minutes until your next spin on the Wheel of Excitement.

    Neopets Inc. / Via, @shadow_memories/Neopets Inc. / Via

    15. Spooking yourself out by playing The Haunted House late at night.

    @ScottC/Neopets Inc. / Via

    16. Winning the jackpot while playing Fruit Machine.

    @neopianriches/Neopets Inc. / Via

    17. Joining your first guild.

    Neopets Inc. / Via

    18. Dumping your random crap at either The Money Tree or Trading Post.

    Neopets Inc. / Via

    19. Attempting to steal some treasure from The Snowager.

    20. Converting yourself to the dark side by completing Jhudora's quests.

    Neopets Inc. / Via

    21. And crying when you had to disown one of your Neopets at the pound.

    Neopets Inc. / Via

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