31 Situations That'll Make Every University Student Say "Saaaaameee"

    University is easy. It's like riding a bike. And the bike's on fire. And the ground's on fire. And everything's on fire because you're in hell.

    1. You've attended a uni event purely for the bar tab and free drinks.

    2. You've repeatedly asked yourself, "why am I paying for this?"

    3. You've calculated the minimum amount of marks you've needed to pass a subject.

    4. You've made the effort to go to a lecture, only to completely zone out the minute you walk in.

    5. You've walked out of a lecture and not understood a word the lecturer said.

    6. You've started off each new semester aiming to get better grades...

    7. ...only to give up halfway through and accept that you're going to fail.

    8. You've felt awkward AF when the one friend you usually sit with in class doesn't show.

    9. You've basically had to do an entire group project yourself because no one could get their shit together.

    10. You've had your laptop crash before you clicked save on a just-finished essay.

    11. You've skipped 9am lectures to have a sleep in...

    12. ...or rocked up to them feeling like absolute death because of your hangover.

    13. You've literally wasted away while waiting in line at the student centre.

    If I walked up mount everest with a limp & 40 people on my back to the promised land, I wouldn't be as slow as the ppl in the student centre

    @Monquiquiii / Via Twitter: @Monquiquiii

    14. You've tried to enrol in subjects for the following semester, only for all your classes to clash.

    15. You've gotten to a point where you weren't sure whether going to university was even worth it.

    16. You've gone out with your friends even though you had an assignment due at 9am the next day.

    17. You've had to live off a diet that consisted solely of instant noodles, pasta, coffee, and cheap alcohol.

    18. You've taken on the challenge of doing an assignment the night before it's due...

    19. ...and attempted to learn entire textbooks the night before an exam.

    20. You've resorted to taking a nap when things got too stressful.

    21. You've actually sweated while waiting for your Turnitin score to load.

    22. You've dreamed about all the travels you'll go on once you graduate.

    23. You've fought for a seat in the library....

    24. ...only to have made no progress hours later.

    walks all the way to the library to go on facebook and listen to music for 5 hrs #uniproblems

    @kellywillettt / Via Twitter: @kellywillettt

    25. You've spent all your life savings on textbooks.

    26. You've accidentally selected the wrong answer on Kahoot when you were in first place.

    27. You've avoided certain areas during student elections so you wouldn't get swarmed by flyers.

    28. You've learned how to stretch your arguments to reach that word count.

    When you're writing an essay and trying to hit that 500 word count.

    @deanfluence / Via Twitter: @deanfluence

    29. You've resorted to doing literally anything but your assignments.

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    Procrastination at its finest, folks.

    30. You've been tested by how expensive living on your own can be.

    31. And you've pretended that everything was fine when someone asked how you were doing.

    University is easy. It's like riding a bike. And the bikes on fire. And the grounds on fire. And everything's on fire because you're in hell

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    "Yeah, uni's great, mum. I'm having a blast!!!!! Ha ha ha."