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Tell Us About The TV Show And Movie Characters That Made You Feel Seen This Year

From Heartstopper to Bridgerton and Everything Everywhere All At Once, there were so many important and groundbreaking examples of representation this year.

For many minority communities, nothing is more special than seeing themselves, their background and their identity accurately represented in a TV show or movie.

It's a reminder that we not only exist, but we — and by extension, our stories, viewpoints and voices — matter.

While there is always room to improve (especially when it comes to the reactions of diverse casting from the wider public), there were a number of groundbreaking characters in 2022 that championed representation and allowed people to feel seen.

One such example is Ca$h from Heartbreak High, whose storyline touched on his asexuality and how it impacts his relationship with Darren.

I didn’t ever think I’d see an mlm asexual person but here we are and I actually feel represented #HeartbreakHigh

Twitter: @TVObsessedTeen2

And there's also Quinni, who had a deep and meaningful impact on both the LGBTQ+ and autism communities.

Heartbreak high’s Quinni really gave me the autistic lesbian representation I have literally been looking for my whole life AND SHE’S PLAYED BY AN ACTUAL AUTISTIC PERSON HOLY SHIT #HeartbreakHigh @chloeshayden

Twitter: @sienharris

Personally, I felt a strong connection to Kate Sharma from Bridgerton. The inclusion of subtle, but significant, details weaved in to represent the Sharma's background made my Indian heart swell with pride.

And I know a lot of people resonated with the overarching themes and the characters in Heartstopper.

just came out as queer to my parents using nicks coming out scene in the show 🥲 feeling emotional rn …

Twitter: @loverneIson

So, now it's your turn to tell me. Which character from a TV show or movie in 2022 made you feel seen? Let me know in the comments and the best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.