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Australian Athletes Are Sharing What It's Like Behind The Scenes At The Tokyo Olympics And It's Super Fascinating

Consider this your backstage pass.

The Tokyo Olympic Games are finally here — and it's been incredible to see athletes from all around the world put their hard work and training to the test.

Caleb Agada of Team Nigeria attempts to score a goal against Team Australia in a basketball match during the Olympics

My favourite thing so far? Getting behind the scenes snippets of Olympic life from the athletes themselves through their TikTok accounts.

Yep, that's right. Australian athletes such as Tilly Kearns (women's water polo), Emily Seebohm (swimming), Sam Fricker (diving), Jess Fox (slalom) and Melissa Wu (diving) have all been active on their socials, spilling the tea on everything from uniforms to the Olympic dining hall, the daily COVID-19 tests and even what they do on their rest days.

Here's everything I learned about what it's like to compete at the Tokyo Olympic Games from their videos.

1. On arriving at the Olympic Village:

2. And here's another perspective from Jess, who shows off some cute details in the Australia tower (cop a look at the kangaroo sign!):

3. On the kit they're provided with from the Australian Olympic Committee, which is filled with goodies like a little boxing kangaroo toy, a green and gold suitcase and various other Aussie-themed merch:


Kit, kit, and more kit. #tokyoolympics #australia #olympics my IG has more behind the scenes 🤩

♬ Down Under - Men At Work

4. On the little details that make the Australian kit so special:

5. On other gifts athletes receive from the host country:


My fiancé is at the olympics not me, I had achillies surgery in Feb. follow him on IG lukesaville18. @olympics #olympicspirit

♬ Ball If I Want To - DaBaby

P.S. As Dasha says in the caption, her husband — Luke Saville — is the one currently competing at the Tokyo Olympics and she's getting him to film snippets.

6. On what the rooms look like in the Olympic village:


We made it to the Olympic village! Check out our room, home for the next 2.5 weeks! #tokyo2020 #OlympicSpirit #TokyoTogether

♬ Hymn for the Weekend - Coldplay

7. On those cardboard beds that are supposedly meant to discourage sexual activities:


Reply to @lifeofriley2 Beds in the Olympic village, YES they are made from cardboard 😋

♬ Dreams (2004 Remaster) - Fleetwood Mac

Tilly dispelled that myth in the comments though, saying that "they (the beds) were made and designed long before COVID-19."

8. As you can see, they're actually very strong — and customisable, too:


Village Life! Can someone think of a better name for these? @ausolympicteam @7olympics @olympics #fyp #tokyo2020 #tokyo2021 #olympics #dailyvlog

♬ Stuck in the Middle - Tai Verdes

A feat of engineering. 

9. On the Olympic dining hall situation, which reminds me of a school cafeteria — only with more food choices and COVID-safe glass screens to separate the athletes, of course:

10. And here's another perspective from Sam:

11. Plus, check out all those cuisines:

12. On the female opening ceremony outfits, modelled by Tilly:


Olympic Opening Ceremony outfit 🤩 TONIGHTS THE NIGHT #olympicspirit #australia my insta will have all of the game times :)

♬ original sound - Sarah

13. And here's the male version, shown off by Sam:


Check Out The AUS 🇦🇺 Uniform @ausolympicteam #tokyotogether #olympics

♬ Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet

14. On what it was like to actually be there and walk amongst the other athletes during the opening ceremony:

15. On the daily COVID-19 spit tests:


Village Vlog Racing Day 👆🏼 @ausolympicteam @7olympics @olympics #fyp #foryoupage #olympicspirit #olympics #tokyo2020

♬ A-O-K - Tai Verdes

16. And as Sam explains in his video, these are done every day in the morning:


Have do a COVID Test Every Mroning #olympics #tokyo #japan

♬ Intro - The xx

17. On the vending machines, which are free and accessed via a scanned card that the athletes are given:

18. On the pantry and recovery area, which features a SLUSHY ROOM:

I want a slushy room.

19. And, of course, it's stacked to the brim with snacks and drinks:

20. On how athletes — well, particularly Australians — spend their down time:

21. And lastly, on the experience of going to the Olympics:

Shoutout to Tilly, Sam, Emily, Jess, Melissa and Dasha (plus Luke, her husband) for documenting their journey and letting us learn more about what it's really like to compete at the Olympic Games. Be sure to give them a follow!