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    21 Things That Used To Be Considered Cool In 2010 But Are Now Just Part Of History

    Poke wars on Facebook? Keep it.

    1. Listening to your favourite songs on your iPod Nano.

    2. Accessorising your flip phone with charms or jewel stickers to fit your ~aesthetic~.

    3. And, of course, slamming it shut when you were done talking to someone.

    4. Signing in and out of MSN Messenger to get your crush's attention.

    5. And let's not forget about nudging your friends constantly because you were annoying AF.

    6. Calling your best friend on the landline after school and talking for hours.

    7. Renting a stack of movies from your local Blockbuster.

    8. And then playing them on your DVD player when you got home.

    9. Downloading songs off LimeWire or Kazaa.

    10. Putting emotional lyrics as your away message on AIM.

    11. Choosing the perfect combination of songs to put on your latest mix CD.

    12. And then playing them in your car's CD player.

    13. Doodling the "S" all over your notebook while you were bored at school.

    14. Taking your digital camera everywhere and anywhere.

    15. Spending all your free time playing flash games on websites like Miniclip.

    16. Being asked "A/S/L?" by randoms every time you logged into Habbo Hotel.

    17. Having a monthly subscription to your favourite teen magazine.

    18. Paying money — yes, ACTUAL money — to have a personalised ringtone.

    19. Stuffing all your precious CDs into these thick-ass binders.

    20. Calling or texting to make sure your fave would make it to the next round on Australian Idol.

    21. And lastly, getting into poking wars with your friends on Facebook.