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    17 Subtle Traits That Can Now Be Considered Part Of Australia's Lockdown Culture

    Going for a shitty arvo walk so you don't lose your mind while being cooped up at home. 🤪

    1. Dealing with panic buyers who are determined to buy every single square inch of loo paper available.

    A grocery store shelf with a sign attached asking people to stop hoarding items like toilet paper
    u/Captain_cranky_au / Via


    2. Being sent Apple News notifications that get increasingly more cooked as the day goes on.

    3. Receiving discount codes from meal delivery services as soon as lockdown is announced.

    victoria announces a lockdown, and immediately uber eats sends a discount code on alcohol

    Twitter: @roisinmcgee

    This is very exploitative, but also...I will use that code.

    4. And using said discount code to help support local businesses, only for your order to arrive stone cold and an hour late.

    This very well could have been my 13th reason!!!

    5. Which is annoying because you just wanted to help out your fave burger joint — and not order food for any other reason than that.


    If any drivers are seeing me order cake late at night, no you didn't — don't ask questions and just drop it off, pls.

    6. Sorting your day into before and after the daily number of COVID-19 cases are announced.

    someone scheduling a meeting that clashes with the 11am Gladys presser? in this economy?!?

    Twitter: @hazandstuff

    No, you may not call or text or initiate any sort of conversation with me while I'm watching the daily presser from old mate Gladys.

    7. And watching said daily presser and getting confused about the ever-changing rules and definitions of what an "essential worker" is.


    “Everyone, just practice common sense!”, #sydney #nsw #covidsydney #auspol

    ♬ original sound - Language Simp

    Retail stores still open while cases are on the rise, but they are still being declared essential? Sounds about sus.

    8. Making banana bread, yet again — because that's all you know how to bake and your mind can't comprehend cooking anything more difficult than that.

    A picture of a loaf of banana bread cut into slices; it is captioned "made banana bread in lockdown...again"

    9. Scheduling virtual meetings with your mates because your plans, which had been in the works for months, got postponed yet again.

    SAG Awards / HBS / Via

    The way I've been trying to go to yum cha with my friends since the start of the year and it still hasn't happened.

    10. Hovering between various states of existence, which normally include you taking depression naps and being in the mood to clean everything and anything.

    PIcK yOuR lOCkDoWn ChAraCtEr!

    11. Refreshing the secret link you got from a group chat so you can attempt to book a vaccine slot.

    Covid in Australia is booking your vaccine through a secret link forwarded between group chats and getting daily case numbers from a comedian on tiktok

    Big Australian culture vibes because lord only knows that a lot of us would get jabbed if we could actually book in a time slot.

    12. Having a slight panic attack when you're trying to check into somewhere using a QR code, but your phone refuses to load and there's a line of people behind you.

    And you can hear the RUSTLING of their feet as they slowly shuffle forward.

    13. Eating copious amounts of popcorn while the various State Premiers shit on each other's policies.

    Pop TV

    Remember when the Queensland Premier referred to the current Delta variant going around Australia the "Sydney strain" lol.

    14. Not having any concept of time because lockdown keeps getting extended, with no end date in sight.

    Rooster Teeth

    All the days bleed into one, tbh.

    15. Going for your daily mandated amount of exercise just to *feel something*.

    Satish Gaire / Via

    Don't mind me, I'm just going for my shitty arvo walk so I don't lose my mind while being cooped up at home.

    16. Oh, and let's not forget about the online shopping.

    This is a judgement-free zone.

    17. And finally, developing a special connection to Dr Kerry Chant — especially when she broke her glasses.

    We are all Kerry Chant’s glasses right now 😂. #nswlockdown #NSWHealth #COVID19

    Twitter: @amy_lou_smith

    She's just trying to survive and do her job like the rest of us.

    What are you doing to stay occupied during lockdown?

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