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    Updated on 23 Jun 2020. Posted on 22 Jun 2020

    More People Attended A Wiggles Concert Than Trump's Rally And I Am Living For It

    Both the rally and concert took place at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. But while Trump only filled less than a third of the seats, The Wiggles sold out.

    In case you missed it, the US president, Donald Trump, held a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma over the weekend where attendance was significantly lower than expected.

    Donald Trump speaking into a microphone. His left hand is holding the microphone and his right is raised to eye level.
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    This was despite an announcement from Trump's 2020 campaign manager, saying that there had been more than one million ticket requests for the event.

    According to The New York Times, TikTok users and K-Pop fans claimed to have registered for thousands of tickets as a prank, and then didn't show up at the rally.

    Win Mcnamee / Getty Images

    There was no ticketed price for the rally, but attendees had to register for a ticket online.

    In another twist to the story, it's been revealed by Twitter users that The Wiggles — a widely popular Australian children's music group — sold out the very same arena at one of their ticketed concerts.

    @funder The Wiggles sold out that arena in 2012 and they charged for tickets. And attracted a higher level of intelligence in the crowd.

    And while the coronavirus pandemic is probably a big factor here, that hasn't stopped the internet from finding joy in the comparison of the two.

    the wiggles concert vs trump rally

    Although the exact date of The Wiggles concert is unknown, it's safe to say that it took place prior to social distancing rules that have been put in place to minimise the spread of the coronavirus.

    Now, for those that don't know (I'm looking at you, international peeps), even though The Wiggles was formed in 1991, the group still has a strong following with both young and old Australians.


    Seriously, play "Fruit Salad" at a party and that shit will go off. And let's not forget about how Lil Nas X teased a FIRE collaboration with them.

    Which basically means that news of the group outselling a Trump rally was the perfect fodder for some hilarious reactions, once again proving their longstanding popularity.

    donald trumps rally vs the wiggles concert

    so you're telling me people payed to fill that arena and see the wiggles...and trump's tickets were free?

    Oh, you mean the platinum, double platinum, and multi-platinum artists known as The Wiggles who earned 21 gold records in just 10 years and sold over 23 million DVDs and 7 million CDs while also performing live to over a million people every year? Uh, yeah. I sure hope they did.

    Of fucking course they did The Wiggles slap

    In honor of The Wiggles trending let’s sing Fruit Salad

    The wiggles pit are always the craziest tbh

    the wiggles is trending. and it's categorized as "politics". this is officially the best day of 2020 for me tbh

    Anthony Field — aka the Blue Wiggle, who's been performing with them since they formed — even took the time to add his thoughts to the situation, saying that The Wiggles concert had "a better light show".

    To be fair , we had a better light show!

    And I think this tweet perfectly captures everyone's reaction.

    @Anthony_Wiggle @Susan_Hennessey You haven't experienced shade until you've experienced Wiggles shade.

    Still screaming about this, tbh.

    In conclusion: 2020 has been a wild ride of emotions, but The Wiggles shading Donald Trump is definitely a high point that Australians will remember for years to come.


    Absolute legends, the lot of them.


    The New York Times reported that TikTok users and K-Pop fans claimed to have registered for thousands of tickets as a prank. An earlier version incorrectly attributed the reason for the lower attendance.

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