15 Tweets For Everyone Who Is Aggressively Attracted To "The White Lotus" Season 2 Cast

    Will Sharpe could jump my bones any day of the week.

    Remember The White Lotus? The jaw-dropping series that takes place in a fictional luxury resort in Hawaii where the guests attempt to relax and rejuvenate in paradise, but end up unleashing their worst and most privileged impulses?

    Well, the series is back, but this time we're headed to Italy with an entirely new cast (save for the effortlessly iconic Jennifer Coolidge and Jon Gries, who both reprise their roles from the first season).

    Among the fresh faces are Theo James, Meghann Fahy, Will Sharpe and Aubrey Plaza — who play two very different couples that are holidaying with each other.

    There's also Michael Imperioli, Adam DiMarco and F. Murray Abraham — who play a dysfunctional family looking to explore their Sicilian roots.

    As well as Simona Tabasco and Beatrice Grannò, two locals who get tangled up in the scandals of the guests staying at The White Lotus.

    Just like the first season, there have been several skin-baring scenes that have driven the internet into a horny flurry of excitement.

    I mean, the premiere episode alone featured a shocking moment with Theo James baring it all for the camera.

    And here's the NSFW version, if you, uh, need a clearer visual of that particular moment.

    According to the actor himself, that was the "subtle version", with the final cut being toned down from what was shot originally. And if that's true, phew, I feel like I am not prepared for what else is coming.

    With raunchy scenes like this, it's no surprise that fans are extremely thirsty for The White Lotus Season 2 cast. So, here are some of the best and most hilarious reactions to what we've been blessed with so far.

    the second i saw theo james shirtless on the season two premiere of white lotus

    Twitter: @jesuissupreme

    the white lotus s2 so good y’all. I love the plot

    Twitter: @paulswhtn

    I’m sorry but if this man was all over me on a vacation in Italy I would not leave his side #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @cosmokatelyn

    say what you say but she's a cutie! and I genuinely can't wait for her to murder her husband <3 #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @xxxxotp

    the white lotus casting director said this season we’re slutting out the men!

    Twitter: @poetsonfilm
    Twitter: @rhanerys

    No thoughts just Will Sharpe from The White Lotus

    Twitter: @bashful_michael

    The self respect leaving my body if Theo James’ #thewhitelotus character looked in my direction irl

    Twitter: @SophRossss

    I ship these two so much. The way this storyline was threatening to turn full lesbian erotic novel at any moment #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @mrseanmdonovan

    they're really slutting out the men #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @mattdilfon

    Cameron, cut the shit, cut the macho bravado and just say “olive you” already #TheWhiteLotus 🫒

    Twitter: @FicusAudrey2
    Twitter: @SpencerAlthouse

    tbh aubrey plaza deserves an emmy for how hard she “didn’t watch” while theo james was changing IN THE GODFORSAKEN MIRROR #WhiteLotus

    Twitter: @SarFuhrmeister

    no thoughts just aubrey plaza in the white lotus

    Twitter: @harperspiIler

    “I love prestige television!” - me seeing Theo James’ huge dick on The White Lotus

    Twitter: @SAMGREIS

    What are your thoughts on The White Lotus Season 2 so far? Personally, I feel like things are going to get even more messy and chaotic — and I am very much here for it.