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    34 "The Queen's Gambit" Outfits Ranked From "Cute" To "Damn, Checkmate"

    We stan a fashionable chess queen.

    No doubt you've heard of — and most likely watched — The Queen's Gambit by now.

    Beth Harmon sitting at table with a chess board

    It's earning a hell of a lot of praise for its fantastic cast, the beautifully choreographed chess sequences and the addictive plot. But, one thing that definitely stood out is all of the costumes that the characters wear. So, for a bit of fun, we decided to rank Beth Harmon's most iconic outfits.

    Beth sitting down and looking at a chess board that's on a bed in front of her

    🚨 P.S. There are some spoilers ahead! 🚨

    34. The "New Kid At School" outfit.


    Hameda: If I'm being honest, I was counting down the minutes for this outfit to go into the trash. It might’ve been because I was a little bitter about the fact that Mrs Deardoff threw away Beth's beautifully embroidered dress, so she could wear this instead. But, either way, it's a no from me.

    Isha: This is by no means a terrible outfit (or should I call it a uniform since this is technically what Beth was wearing at the orphanage?). But, it doesn’t hold a candle to everything else in the series, so let’s move on.

    33. The "My Mum Dressed Me Today" outfit.


    Hameda: Okay, so I know this outfit is supposed to be her first non-orphanage uniform outfit, but honestly, I don't see much of a difference. I mean it is a little more crisp, I guess, but other than that, it's pretty boring.

    Isha: The teeny-tiny fringe and short bob gives me Amélie vibes. It’s hella cute, plus I live for a pinafore and collared shirt combo. But, it is pretty basic in comparison to the rest and has none of Beth’s actual style.

    32. The "Victory" outfit.


    Hameda: This was such a crucial moment of the series and I'm honestly just impressed that she was able to look so fabulous when she was most likely a ball of nerves (I know it's a show, don't @ me). That being said, it's a bit of a bland outfit, so I’ll have to deduct marks there.

    Isha: Right?! For such a huge, slam-dunk moment, I kind of wish they gave Beth something a bit more striking — especially considering they make a point of her fashion vs. her being a serious chess player earlier on in the series. This outfit is so plain Jane — and our chess master is anything but.

    31. The "College Student" outfit.


    Hameda: This is probably one of the more underwhelming of Beth's outfits, but that doesn’t mean it isn't absolutely fabulous. It marks the first appearance of the headscarf™ and we love that.

    Isha: I agree with Hameda here. The outfit itself isn't much to brag over, but it gets bonus points because it’s another reference to a chessboard (those squares!) and it's reminding me that I need to cut my hair again so I can look this cute.

    30. The "I Play To Win" outfit.


    Hameda: Listen, this is a great fit, but I can’t help thinking that it's a little too old for Beth. I could see her mother wearing this and I don't think the front detail is very flattering at all. When she buttons up the top however? It’s pretty cute.

    Isha: THIS IS ONE HELL OF AN OUTFIT! It screams "I've got my shit together", which perfectly matches the energy of the scene Beth wears it in. She's a little bit older, a little bit wiser and she’s here to prove her worth.

    29. The "Peach Dream" outfit.


    Hameda: Why didn't Beth wear peach more? She looks incredible in this outfit and the colour looks beautiful with her hair. The only thing I will say is that I could've used a little more detail on the top — a necklace per chance?

    Isha: BIG YES! Peach is SUCH a gorgeous colour on Beth. Shame this dress is a bit on the boring side.

    28. The "Stepford Wife" outfit.


    Hameda: There’s not a lot to say about this outfit. We love the Peter Pan collar and the gorgeous, yellow skirt, but there’s nothing here that screams out to me.

    Isha: I love how fun this one is! I’m a sucker for anything yellow and combined with that adorable, white blouse, this outfit definitely brightened up the room and added a little ray of sunshine to the scene. But, I agree with Hameda — it’s a classic Beth look that doesn’t take my breath away.

    27. The "Mother Dearest" outfit.


    Hameda: God, my blood was boiling in the lead-up to this scene. But, the fact that she opened the door wearing this breathed new life into me. Also, how she negotiated her terms like a boss?!

    Isha: Oh, Beth. My heart kind of breaks when I look at this one because it’s so obvious how much she was in need of a hug or palm squeeze from her mum. It’s also just not Beth.

    26. The "Dark Academia" outfit.


    Hameda: I love, love, love this dress so much and the fact that it's worn more than once with different tops underneath is amazing (and realistic!). Do I like this look as much as the other times she’s styled the dress? Eh, probably not.

    Isha: Honestly, I feel like this outfit could have been plucked straight out of an indie movie. Even though we’ve seen this dress before, the addition of the black shirt and bobby pin gives this more of a Dark Academia twist and I am definitely into it.

    25. The "Taking Care Of Business" outfit.


    Hameda: This scene had me on the edge of my seat, waiting for someone, anyone, to give Beth what she needed to become who she was destined to be. For that reason alone, it’s an outfit close to my heart.

    Isha: Super chic and as always, Beth manages to look a million bucks in a basic blouse and slacks. But, it’s definitely not a head turner, you know?

    24. The "Let's Play Squash" outfit.


    Hameda: If only I could look half as good as Beth and Jolene look in these outfits, I might actually try and play squash more. Plus, the headbands coordinating with their looks? I live!

    Isha: Matchy-matchy sporting outfits? Tick, tick, tick.

    23. The "I'm Mature For My Age" outfit.


    Hameda: A cute button down, a skater-style skirt and a cardigan? This is exactly the kind of outfit you would find me in during my first couple of years at university. I also just loved how well Beth fit in with the older kids — it was very telling of the way she had to adapt to grow up as fast as possible in the situation she was put in.

    Isha: If this outfit reminds me of anyone, it’s Lisa Simpson. It’s very preppy and the navy blue hues work a treat with Beth’s red hair. While it’s not my favourite, it is well-suited for showing Beth's developing style and maturity.

    22. The "Little Black Dress" outfit.


    Hameda: This dress screams sophisticated, even on a teen attending the ~popular~ girl’s party. She looks so graceful and lovely in it, that I can’t believe those girls didn’t throw themselves at her feet and beg her to teach them her ways. A different time, I guess.

    Isha: Everyone needs a LBD in their wardrobe and the one Beth is wearing is cute! But, it's a bit on the "meh" side for me. I feel like the addition of some jewellery would have definitely levelled this up. Shoutout to Beth’s hair though — I love how it's a bit on the shaggier, messed up side here.

    21. The "Nightmare Dressed Like A Daydream" outfit.


    Hameda: This look is a little different from ones we'd seen from Beth in the past and I’m absolutely here for it. The flowy bottoms and sleeveless yellow number are a match made in heaven. And this scene? Don’t even get me started.

    Isha: This colour combination receives top marks. Plus, I feel like the outfit just screams effortless beauty and confidence, which is exactly the vibe Beth gave off when she beat that child prodigy.

    20. The "Fever" outfit.


    Hameda: We love a little impromptu dancing and that's all I can think of when I see this outfit. It’s a little basic, yes, but we love the cuffed jeans, so I can get on board.

    Isha: If I had to sum up this outfit in two words, I would say it’s understated excellence. Simple, but incredibly sexy. *Does the "Fever" shimmy that Beth does.*

    19. The "Call Your Lawyer" outfit.


    Hameda: We love an all black look and this one was bringing it, hard. The detail of the cardigan screams sophistication and the fact that she was wearing it after a loss makes me think she was mourning what could've been — and we love a good funeral outfit.

    Isha: Beth's outfit here feels almost like armour. Yes, her head is probably processing a million different emotions after that loss, but her clothes tell a completely different story of someone who is still trying to look like they've got it altogether.

    18. The "First Paycheck" outfit.


    Hameda: When we were first shown this outfit on that mannequin, I just knew that The Queen's Gambit was going to be jam-packed with some great looks and this one really set the bar. It looks like a more extravagant version of a school uniform and yes — that’s a good thing.

    Isha: I know this was an early contender, but I freaking love this outfit. The plaid, the neckline of the collared shirt...all this dress needs is some pockets, tbh — and then it would be perfect. Also, Beth buying this outfit with the money she won from her first tournament makes me love it even more.

    17. The "Wine Mum" outfit.


    Hameda: If this isn’t the biggest mood out of all of these outfits, I don’t know what is. Don’t we all want to be sitting around in pyjamas chugging red wine? No? Just me?

    Isha: God, if there ever was an outfit in The Queen’s Gambit that defined 2020, this would be it. It's got comfiness written all over it and although it’s not Beth's usual style, she does pull off the look effortlessly.

    16. The "Golden Child" outfit.


    Hameda: I love the silk skirt on this dress and I can only imagine how it would look when she twirled around, which only makes me love it more. The matching collar and black to break it all up only makes this look even better.

    Isha: This makes me wish I grew up in a different era because this outfit is just…*Italian chef’s kiss*. Like Hameda, my favourite part by far is that beautiful, silky skirt that I wish I could twirl around in.

    15. The "Not Your Mother's Shift Dress" outfit.


    Hameda: You've got to love a shift dress moment and this one does not disappoint. It's classic in its own right with the black neck and waistline giving it the slight bit of dimension it needed for that extra little something.

    Isha: Beige-coloured dresses always sound so bland in theory, but this one is stunning on Beth. It's sophisticated, almost to the point where it feels like it's telling her opponents "Why did you even bother showing up when I was going to be in the room?".

    14. The "I May Be Hungover, But I Still Look Cute" outfit.


    Hameda: This was the first outfit we see Beth in and I was immediately drawn in by her impeccable taste (and that GORGEOUS haircut!). Love this one.

    Isha: This fashionable bow dress just screams "French vintage". It’s fun, it’s flirty and it’s absolutely something that I wish I had in my own closet.

    13. The "Yes, I Mix Prints" outfit.


    Hameda: Something about this look makes me want to pull up in a convertible and ask her to jump in. The power. The prowess. I love all of it.

    Isha: The sheer energy of Beth strutting out of those doors and putting on those sunnies was ICONIC. I love, love, love the summer and carefree vibes this whole look creates.

    12. The "My Yacht Is Bigger Than Yours" outfit.


    Hameda: Someone call the Hamptons, it looks like we've got a new sailor on the dock! That’s where rich people go to sail, right? Listen, this fit is really cute — I love the boat neckline of the top and, of course, that white detailing. Very, very cute.

    Isha: This is one of my favourite looks! Yes, it’s basic and doesn't have any frills, but it’s perfectly tailored to Beth and that makes it shine. Plus, the little stripes on the neckline give it a "sailor" vibe, without it being too over the top.

    11. The "Blair Waldorf" outfit.


    Hameda: This coat looks so warm! I love the neck detail that provides her with that stunning silhouette, echoed by the dress she’s wearing underneath. Absolutely beautiful and perfectly reasonable attire given the weather.

    Isha: Even though the pattern is old-school, this coat seems timeless. It feels like one of those pieces you could keep in your wardrobe forever, because it never goes out of style. And for that reason alone, this outfit scores all the points.

    10. The "Don't Talk To Me" outfit.


    Hameda: This outfit gave me major "date with the grim reaper" vibes and as a self-proclaimed goth, I live for it. It was a bit of a sad moment, for obvious reasons, but who says you can’t be sad in a great outfit?

    Isha: Yes to everything Hameda is saying. Those sunglasses were the cherry on top of a "bitch, don't disturb me" outfit.

    9. The "Salazar Slytherin" outfit.


    Hameda: I'm not surprised that she was able to kick ass wearing this gorgeous velvet outfit. Am I biased because my favourite colour’s green? Perhaps. Am I going to take my bias into consideration when rating this look? Not at all.

    Isha: The audacity of the show’s creators by ONLY showing us the top half of this Slytherin-esque outfit. But, hello — velvet and that emerald green? A match made in heaven, obviously.

    8. The "Betty Draper" outfit.


    Hameda: The silhouette that this dress gives Beth is absolutely stunning. Plus, the button detailing on the straps is amazing. I can't say that there's a single thing about this outfit that I don't like and there's oh-so-much to love.

    Isha: I'm not exaggerating — when I first saw Beth in this dress, my mouth dropped open. I don’t know if it's the style, the colour or something else, but she just looked so beautiful wearing this.

    7. The "Just One Drink" outfit.


    Hameda: The fact that Beth wore this outfit for drinks with Cleo only makes it more gorgeous to me. I mean, look at her, sitting there all beautiful with her red dress and her red hair. You just know she was trying to impress the model.

    Isha: Beth got the call and put on the most fire outfit she had in her closet. Enough said.

    6. The "Wednesday Addams" outfit.


    Hameda: This is probably one of the simplest pieces of clothing Beth wore in the series, but it's also one of the most iconic. I mean, don't lie to me and say you don’t want this baby hanging in your closet right now, 'cause I know I do.

    Isha: This dress is so simple, so basic, so entirely plain, but I have fallen in love with it. The Peter Pan collar is adorable and I could totally imagine myself wearing these with a pair of Doc Martens. In fact, I need this dress, right now. WHERE CAN I BUY IT?!

    5. The "I'm Your Venus" outfit.


    Hameda: Oh my god, this is my absolute favourite look of Beth's in the entire series and that might have something to do with her makeup. When I first saw it, I was a little appalled. But, by the time she cleaned it up and made it to the tournament, I was in love. Just look at her! This is an outfit I want in my closet right now.

    Isha: That nude lip is just CRYING OUT for some moisture. Give Beth some lip balm or gloss or aNYTHING. But, putting that aside, I am absolutely here for the bold eyeliner, beanie and belted turtleneck combo.

    4. The "Russian Doll" outfit.


    Hameda: This is such a chic look, perfectly at home in the lavish hotel room provided to her. It screams, "I'm here to win" and boy, oh boy, does she bring it.

    Isha: OH MY GOD!!!! This one is a huge winner for me. Every time I see it, I’m blown away by how badass Beth looks in it. All she needs is a pair of black, leather gloves and she could be the leader of the Mafia, or something.

    3. The "Theatre Kid" outfit.


    Hameda: I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that this is the outfit that sweet Beth was wearing when I fell head over heels for her. The way she casually leaned against that pole on her porch, waiting for Harry Beltik to appear...I swooned like I've never swooned before.

    Isha: WHY DO I FROTH SO HARD OVER THE MOST BASIC OUTFITS?!?!?!? But, Beth in this all-black turtleneck and slacks look just killed me. I not only wanted the outfit, I just wanted to be her in that moment.

    2. The "Serious Chess Player" outfit.


    Hameda: The way Beth shot down the Chess Confederation in this outfit only gave it more power. She looks absolutely amazing and ready to gracefully take down anyone who questions her legitimacy as a chess player.

    Isha: Did someone say style queen? This is so elevated and classy, plus I love how the squares on the coat are most likely another nod to a chessboard.

    1. The "Treat Me Like Royalty" outfit.