An Ode To "The Castle", One Of The Most Wholesome And Charming Aussie Flicks

    Straight to the pool room!

    1. Released in 1997 (yep, that's over 20 years ago!), The Castle is one of the greatest Australian films ever made because it embodies the Aussie fighting spirit like no other.

    2. It has a heartwarming story, filled with ordinary characters who have good intentions — which is what makes them so relatable to working-class Australians.

    3. Like, every Australian knows a Darryl in their community who may not be the brightest spark, but he'll always lend you a helping hand whenever you need it.

    4. But it's more than that —The Castle does lean into stereotypes associated with working-class people, but it also highlights their strengths, teaching us to never judge solely on appearances.

    5. This extends to one of Darryl’s most iconic quotes: "a man’s home is his castle," teaching us to value sentimental pleasures over material possessions.

    6. The film also stars a who's-who of Australian actors, including the legendary Michael Caton, Stephen Curry and Anne Tenney.

    7. Plus, it was responsible for putting Eric Bana on the map.

    8. Few Australians films have had quite the cultural impact as The Castle and that's thanks to its ability to convey language, identity and culture to not only Australians, but the wider world.

    9. You only have to look at the film's hilarious dialogue, which is filled with uniquely Australian expressions, colloquialisms and cultural references, to understand why it's a must-watch for immigrants.

    10. Plus, so much of the film's hilarious dialogue has found its way into Australia's everyday vernacular.

    11. Meaning that even if you’ve never watched this Australian classic, you'll sure as heck have heard — or even quoted — one of the movie’s iconic lines.

    12. The Castle is packed full of Aussie family charm that teaches us to be present in the moment and celebrate even the smallest of wins.

    13. It demonstrates how people are able to bond over shared interests, regardless of their class or education levels.

    14. Plus, it shows us how racial ignorance is not always malicious in nature and that it can be correctable if people are willing to listen.

    15. While this can be seen in the Kerrigan family, it's also present in The Castle which, in its own way, helps everyday Australians understand the Mabo High Court Case that recognised Native Title.

    16. And lastly, it reminds us to never give up in the face of adversity, no matter how huge the obstacles seem.

    What's your favourite moment or quote from The Castle?