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    Turns Out True Love Exists Because Matty J And Laura From "The Bachelor" Just Got Engaged

    Excuse me while I cry tears of happiness.

    If you're a fan of The Bachelor Australia, you're probably aware of the romance between fan-favourites Matty J and Laura Byrne.

    Network Ten

    They got together at the end of Season 5 and since then have made one adorable-looking couple.

    And in some wholesome news this week, they've just announced their engagement!

    In a video posted to Instagram, Matty said: "There’s absolutely no one else I’d rather grow old and senile with. I can’t wait to start a family together and now I can’t wait to be your husband! ❤️💍"

    While Laura shared this adorable set of photos to her account.

    The couple also recently shared the news that they were expecting a baby, which is mega exciting.

    Congratulations to Laura and Matty J! It looks like true love wins after all.


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