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People Are Sharing Stories About Twins Getting Mixed Up And The Results Are Too Good Not To Share

I'm seeing double (geddit).

Last night, @flowerpeachtrees asked Reddit users: "Parents of identical twins — what was your 'Honey, I switched the kids' moment?'"

The thread quickly got a lot of juicy responses that I — someone who has a sibling, but isn't a twin — found outright hilarious. Here are some of the best ones.

1. This Home Alone-esque tale:

2. This, uh, "genius", disguise:

3. This double feeding:

4. This epic parental trolling:

5. This embarrassing realisation:

6. This schoolyard confusion:

7. This double dose of blessings:

8. This summer camp story:

9. This identity crisis:

10. This cautionary tale:

11. This friendly mistake:

12. This sneaky maneuver:

13. This dramatic classroom lesson:

14. This Ned Flanders-inspired story:

15. This teaching journey:

16. This deceiving switch-up:

17. This relatable story:

18. This foolproof plan:

19. And finally, this hilarious hoax answer:

Note: Responses from Reddit have been edited for length and/or clarity.

What other hilarious moments have you experienced with getting twins mixed up? Leave them in the comments below!