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    If "Squid Game" Was Set In Australia, These Are The Games The Contestants Would Have To Play

    "Hot Cross Buns" on the recorder, but one wrong note and you're eliminated.

    1. Bullrush

    Kids playing bullrush

    2. The beep test

    A group of students completing the beep test

    3. Backyard cricket

    A bin with a sticker on the side that resembles cricket wickets

    4. Heads down, thumbs up

    Students in a classroom playing heads down, thumbs up

    5. What's the time, Mr Wolf?

    A snarling grey wolf

    6. Nutbush

    **How it's usually played: **The Nutbush isn't a game per say, but it's a popular Australian dance set to the tune of "Nutbush City Limits" by Tina Turner and Ike. Whenever this song comes on, everyone gets into formation and does the same moves.

    **How it would be played in Squid Game: **Players would enter a dance studio, where they would be treated to a never-ending loop of "Nutbush City Limits". They would be instructed by the guards to dance — and to keep dancing, unless they fall to the ground from exhaustion (eliminated) or mess up a move (also eliminated).

    7. Rainbow parachute

    Students lifting a rainbow parachute

    8. Duck, duck, goose

    A group of kids playing duck, duck, goose

    9. Pass the parcel

    A group of children playing pass the parcel

    10. Golden child

    A group of children playing Golden Child on a netball court

    11. Musical chairs

    People playing musical chairs

    12. Double dutch

    13. Slapsies

    A close up of two pairs of hands folded and touching each other

    14. Hot cross buns on the recorder

    A young girl playing the recorder while looking at sheet music

    15. Hopscotch

    A hopscotch court

    16. Goon of fortune

    Two people playing goon of fortune

    17. Handball

    A group of kids playing handball

    18. Egg and spoon race

    A close up of a hand holding an egg on a spoon

    19. And lastly, silent ball

    A classroom filled with students playing silent ball

    Would you survive Squid Game by playing these Australian games?