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    27 Photos Of The "Squid Game" Cast IRL That Prove They Are The Best Cast

    All I want in life is to have a girls night and mojitos with Jung Ho-yeon and Lee Yoo-mi.

    Like many other Squid Game fans, I binge-watched the series soon after it came out, meaning that I'm now in a state of perpetual sadness until another season is confirmed.


    To help ease that pain a little, as well as the emotional exhaustion of seeing our fave characters perish, here are some adorable behind-the-scenes photos of the cast being best friends.

    Netflix / Via

    1. When Kim Joo-ryoung (Han Mi-nyeo – Player 212) and Anupam Tripathi (Abdul Ali – Player 199) huddled together to take this adorable picture.

    2. When the Squid Game cast took this cheeky selfie in-between filming scenes for episode seven.

    @from_jjlee / Via

    3. And here's another behind-the-scenes look from Lee Yoo-mi (Ji-yeong – Player 240).

    4. When Joo-ryoung, Yoo-mi and Jung Ho-yeon (Kang Sae-byeok – Player 67) blessed us with the existence of this photo, which now makes me think of what Squid Game would have been like if these badass characters had teamed up.

    5. And now I'm demanding that Netflix releases an alternative Squid Game POV, where we see them win and succeed.

    @kimjooryoung / Via

    6. And not to be one-upped, but this picture of Yoo-mi, Ho-yeon, Anupam and Joo-ryoung is the definition of friendship goals.

    7. When Wi Ha-joon (Hwang Jun-ho) looked like a whole ass meal while wearing his Squid Game jacket.

    8. When Heo Sung-tae (Jang Deok-su – Player 101) shared these snapshots of the cast with the caption: "My lovely bros β™‘."

    @heosungtae / Via

    9. And if that wasn't soft enough, here's one with Anupam that's been captioned "Bro β™‘."

    10. When Joo-ryoung uploaded this wholesome photo of her having fun on-set.

    11. When Anupam showed fans what really goes on behind-the-scenes of Squid Game.

    12. And so did Yoo-mi, except in her case it was napping peacefully while on-set.

    13. When Joo-ryoung and Park Hae-soo (Cho Sang-woo – Player 218) took this flawless photo together.

    14. When Yoo-mi and Ho-yeon hung out together and were all smiles, giving Squid Game fans a peek at what would have happened if their characters had lived and gone on to have their girls night.

    @leeyoum262 / Via

    15. Also, just look at these two β€” I love them so much.

    @leeyoum262 / Via

    They deserve endless mojitos and girls nights.

    16. When Yoo-mi and Joo-ryoung showed off their goofy side.

    17. When Anupam showed that there were no hard feelings between him and Hae-soo β€” despite what happened to their characters.

    18. When Hae-soo and Ho-yeon proved to us that life really does intimate art.

    @haesoopark_official / Via

    FYI β€” in case you didn't catch this detail while watching the series, the room where the contestants slept in had illustrations of the childhood games used for each round in Squid Game.

    19. When Sung-tae and Hae-soon were just a couple of besties taking a cute selfie together.

    20. When Ho-yeon shared this super interesting video of her being transformed into Player 67.

    21. When Ha-joon showed off his Squid Game guard 'fit.

    22. When Ho-yeon and Hae-soo had a laugh while filming the very intense scenes of episode eight.

    @hoooooyeony / Via

    23. When Anupam captured this precious moment between Ho-yeon and Yoo-mi.

    24. When Anupam made every single Squid Game fan love him even more than they already did.

    25. When Ho-yeon captured this picture-perfect moment of Sung-tae enjoying a drink.

    @hoooooyeony / Via

    26. When Yoo-mi posed with one of her favourite Squid Game foods.

    27. And finally, when Lee Jung-jae (Seong Gi-hun – Player 456), Ho-yeon and Hae-soo shared these adorably cute photos β€” proving that they're not just a cast, but a family.

    @hoooooyeony / Via

    The way these actors support one another is the best! It's most likely one of the reasons why Squid Game was so incredible β€” the cast was perfect and they had brilliant chemistry.