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    Australians Have Labelled Scott Morrison's Actions As A "Slap In The Face" After It Was Revealed That He Flew To Sydney To Visit Family

    "The leader of my fucking country, yet again, fucks off on holiday while Australia suffers, leaderless, and lies about it. Shit-eating cunt."

    In news that will surely not surprise anyone, prime minister Scott Morrison was granted a travel exemption to return to Sydney for Father's Day over the weekend.

    Scott Morrison talks to the media at a press conference

    Yep, you read that right. ScoMo was even granted access to a VIP taxpayer-funded flight that enabled him to travel to Sydney on Friday afternoon and return to Canberra on Monday morning — all so that he could visit his kids.

    A scenic view of aircraft flying overhead

    This is despite there being strict interstate COVID-19 restrictions in place, which have resulted in countless other Australians being unable to see their families.

    A sign at Sydney airport saying "A reminder that face masks are mandatory inside our terminals"

    Australians are understandably outraged by Scott Morrison's "essential trip" and took to Reddit to blast the PM's behaviour while the rest of us are following the rules and doing the right thing.

    1. "My Dad lives two LGAs and 9km away. I wasn't able to see him. This Morrison clown travels 350km. Seriously, what is wrong with him?"


    2. "My friend lives one suburb over from her dad. She called, he didn't answer. He called back, she didn't answer. This morning, his wife went to wake him up for work and found him dead. I am fuming that us plebs do the right thing and miss out on one last visit with a loved one while this fuck head does whatever he feels like doing."


    3. "I'm currently stuck in Melbourne receiving news of my mum dying by the day in Brisbane. The best I can hope for is to be let into QLD to see her after two weeks of hotel quarantine (currently awaiting decision), by which point she's almost certain to be dead. It really sucks, but I accept why a quarantine should be necessary. I wouldn't like the idea of even the remotest possibility of unknowingly spreading the virus to someone else. I've found some strength in the stoicism that a lot of people are forced to display lately, it feels assuring in a way to know that everyone is struggling right now. And then the leader of my fucking country, yet again, fucks off on holiday while Australia suffers, leaderless, and lies about it. Shit-eating cunt."


    Scott Morrison speaks during a press conference

    4. "I haven't seen my family for two years. But at least the PM can do whatever the fuck he wants because he’s a rich entitled cunt."


    5. "Someone really needs to tell him that there are easier ways to quit a job than this. What an absolute fucking pustule."


    6. "Cunt! My daughter turned 21 today. She's in Canberra. We're on the Central Coast. No party or celebrations for us."


    Warning road signs that say to avoid travel and stay at home

    7. "Surely this is worse than Hawaii. Check your privilege before you bust the rules for a quick trip and charge us for it."


    8. "Imagine being the 'leader' of a country that is feeling so depressed about the pandemic right now because its two biggest states are in severe, long lockdown. Businesses shut, jobs lost, children isolated with no social contact, surgeries delayed, mental health deteriorating, families kept apart…and you think it’s a good idea to seek an exemption for a leisurely weekend — not because you actually have any special circumstances, but just because you feel like it and you're an important person who can get away with it?"


    9. "Father's day is nice, but I don't see how it possibly counts as essential. Thousands of families (including mine) couldn't celebrate in the usual way and I can't see how this isn't a massive slap in the face to all of us."


    10. "My father, who has terminal cancer and who I haven't been able to see for months, would have loved to see me yesterday. Unfortunately, Father's Day isn't an essential reason to travel — well, not for plebs like me anyway."


    Teddy bears and other soft toys sit inside windows

    Others pointed out that Scott Morrison may have attempted to hide his Sydney trip through his Father's Day social media post.

    11. "If you look at his [Scott Morrison's] social media post from Father’s Day, he posted a photo with his family taken months ago and actually goes to the effort of stating that 'this photo was taken of our family together earlier this year.' So, I’m guessing he did know that what he did was bad and therefore tried to hide the fact he was with his family on Father's Day? And arrogantly thought no one would ever find out?


    12. "The cunt posted that old photo on social media making a point that it wasn't from Sunday because he was trying to cover up this trip. P.S. The photo he posted was from a memorial for kids whose dads were killed by drunk drivers. Out of all the photos, that's the photo he chose to use for Father's Day."


    Note: Reddit responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    What are your thoughts on Scott Morrison's behaviour and the COVID-19 situation in Australia?