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    Australians Are Calling For Scott Morrison To Resign After He Tweeted A Baking Photo Amid The US Protests

    Let's take stock: Failed Robodebt scheme, US protests against police brutality, the coronavirus pandemic...and samosas from ScoMo.

    The death of George Floyd in police custody has sparked protests in the US — as well as around the world — against police brutality.

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    Back home in Australia, this has resulted in an important reminder of the oppression, racism and injustice that Indigenous people have faced — and continue to struggle with — especially after a Channel Nine reporter implied that Aussies can't relate to the history of police killings in America.

    Dear Native Americans and Black Americans, I am sorry for the ignorant Australian press who fronts up to your rallies not knowing a thing about their own country's history so they can feign superiority. Solidarity. #BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloydProtests

    According to The Guardian, there have been more than 400 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander deaths in police custody since 1991.

    It's also worth noting that Rio Tinto — a global mining company — recently destroyed a 46,000 year old Aboriginal site after detonating explosives at Juukan Gorge in Western Australia.

    If a mining giant had proposed blowing up Stonehenge which is just 5000 years old there would be global outage but blowing up a 46,000-year-old Aboriginal site is business as usual. This is the reality of white supremacy in action.

    And that the Australian government has come under fire for its failed Robodebt scheme, resulting in them giving back $721 million to people who paid Centrelink debts they may never have owed.

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    So, when Scott Morrison tweeted a photo of his "ScoMosas" ahead of his meeting with Narendra Modi — the prime minister of India — on Sunday afternoon, Australians were quick to highlight the insensitivity of the post.

    Sunday ScoMosas with mango chutney, all made from scratch - including the chutney! A pity my meeting with @narendramodi this week is by videolink. They’re vegetarian, I would have liked to share them with him.

    @ScottMorrisonMP @narendramodi Hi Scott - just a thought - pictures of your cooking triumphs are much like Trump's golf outings - not what the citizens of a country in the grip of a medical and economic crises want to see to feel confident about the government's leadership.

    @ScottMorrisonMP @narendramodi Our friends in America riot & weep while you ignore it and bake. A good PM would offer condolences and ask for calm & equality. Late to the party again. You should know that’s not fashionable.

    Two days after @ScottMorrisonMP goes MIA, just before it was announced his govt is repaying $721 million to #robodebt victims and all he's got to say is 'look, I cooked samosas' FFS Just resign you fucking immature, pathetic excuse for a leader. We deserve better. 🐝 #auspol

    ScoMosas? Scofuckyourself.

    @ScottMorrisonMP $721 million stolen from Australians you were meant to keep safe. $60 billion ripped from economic stimulus because you can't count. 46,000 year old heritage destroyed by rio tinto because you don't value reconciliation week. Stuff your samosas! #auspol

    2000 suicdes from illegal #robodebt. Bushfire inquiry shows Govt ignores climate science. Millions unemployed. America burning in civil unrest. COVID kills 1/2 million. ...and Aust PM boasts of his fucking mango chutney. He doesn’t get it, and never will.

    ScoMo also faced backlash from many Aussies, who would prefer answers to a long list of problems that the country is currently going through, rather than a photo of him cooking.

    @ScottMorrisonMP @narendramodi Scott. We are not remotely interested in your cooking. We are interested in answers about Robodebt, Sportsrorts, Palladin, Ruby Princess, our Biloela family, all the refugees still incarcerated, ....etc etc etc.....the list is endless.

    This bloke and his cronies harrassed 470,000 Australians for $720m debts they didn't owe and ensured that a deliberately broken system gave them no recourse, doing massive, deliberate harm. He should be resigning in shame but hey #ScoMosas 😘 #ScottyFromMarketing #RoboDebt

    As of yet, ScoMo hasn't responded to the criticism surrounding his post.

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