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    21 Stories About Being Home Alone That Sound Like The Plot Of A Horror Movie

    Don't read this before bed unless you want nightmares.

    Alright, we've all been there — home alone, lights turned off, snuggled in bed. But then there's a noise...a thud maybe, which makes you jolt your eyes open in terror.

    Yep, being spooked while you're home alone is easily one of the most relatable things out there. So, when @joeym2009 asked Reddit users, "What is the scariest thing to happen to you when you’ve been home alone?", it's no surprise that the thread quickly got a lot of answers that were equal parts hilarious and terrifying.

    Here are some of the best submissions that sound like they've been taken straight from the plot of a horror movie.

    1. This alarming phone call:

    2. This terrifying false alarm:

    3. This nightmare-inducing situation:

    4. This disturbing childhood event:

    5. This close call:

    6. This chilling bedtime story:

    7. This close shave:

    8. This unsettling scenario:

    9. This strange set of circumstances:

    10. This nightmarish being:

    11. This very real situation:

    12. This reminder to be safe:

    13. This scary realisation:

    14. This spine-chilling encounter:

    15. This goosebump-inducing read:

    16. This straight out of a horror movie scenario:

    17. This unfriendly visit:

    18. This narrow escape:

    19. This childhood horror story:

    20. This spine-chilling moment:

    21. And lastly, this long read — which is bound to give you shivers all over.

    Note: Responses from Reddit have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    You, attempting to go to sleep after reading this post: