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    Russell Crowe Just Responded To This Fan's Plea For A Birthday Message And It's All Very Cute

    This has definitely brightened my day.

    In a nice reminder that the world isn't always terrible, legendary actor Russell Crowe has gone and made a fan's day by wishing them happy birthday while they're sailing across the globe.

    Russell Crowe holding up his hand to say hello
    CBS Photo Archive / Getty Images

    Now, before we get into that, we do need to take a moment for the pure and wholesome content that ol' mate posts to his socials. Like, look at this little pup! I want to cuddle you immediately.

    And take a look at this beautiful foal with a heart-shaped marking. I'm in love, this picture has uplifted my morning considerably.

    Anyway, back to the wholesome news! So, on Wednesday night, Steve Harris — who works as a radio presenter for the BBC — tweeted out a PSA to get in contact with the one and only Russell Crowe.

    Long shot... anyone know any way I can get in touch with Russell Crowe? THE Russell Crowe?!

    Less than 30 minutes later, because you know Russell scrolls through his social media apps like the rest of us, the actor responds with the oh-so-casual "What's up, Steve?"

    As seen in Steve's reply, he was looking for Russell to record a birthday message for his friend, Pip Hare, who is not only sailing around the world in the Vendee Global race, but is a huge fan.

    @russellcrowe Hey. I wanted you to record a birthday message for an incredible woman. She's called Pip, she's sailing around the world in the Vendee Globe race, and she's a HUGE fan. It's her birthday this weekend. Could you record her a quick message saying "Hi, happy birthday, keep going"?

    Now, Steve was probably thinking he would get a quick "Hey, happy birthday! Thanks for the support." sort of vibe, but Russell went above and beyond to deliver a truly adorable message.

    In the now-viral video, the legendary Aussie actor started off joking about his kayaking experiences.

    Russell Crowe smiling at the camera while talking
    @RussellCrowe / Via Twitter: @russellcrowe

    "Just this morning I was kayaking up Coff's Creek. I had a paddle, which made it significantly easier. So, it's a similar journey I imagine."

    But, he then pivoted to reflect on Pip's incredible challenge and offer some words of wisdom.

    Russell Crowe talking to the camera
    @RussellCrowe / Via Twitter: @russellcrowe

    Russell told Pip that although it seems overwhelming, to keep on going because she'll experience "an amazing feeling...when you can say you have claimed the globe."

    If this interaction didn't already give you some warm, fuzzy feelings, Pip recorded her own video, thanking Russell for his birthday message.

    Today I got an amazing birthday message from @russellcrowe. Not much makes me speechless, but this did. I’m still reeling, but wanted to send this message back... And thank you to @SteveHarrisDJ for sorting it! @Medallia

    This is so sweet and a reminder of how we've all been trying to stay connected during some pretty difficult times. So, shoutout to Steve, Russell and Pip for doing just that and brightening our day!

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