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    Updated on 21 Jan 2019. Posted on 9 Nov 2017

    25 Snacks From Your Aussie Childhood That Are Sadly No Longer Available

    How am I meant to survive summer without a Sunnyboy?!?!

    1. Sunnyboy

    @fromonemum / Via Twitter: @fromonemum

    If there was one thing that defined your summer holidays, it was hopelessly trying to slurp a Sunnyboy without it melting all over your fingers. A sustained reduction in demand however, led to these iconic ice blocks being pulled from Aussie shelves in 2016. RIP. 😥

    2. Arnott's Coffee Scroll Biscuits

    Facebook: Bringbackarnottscoffeescroll

    Tasting of cinnamon and raisins, you used to eat these delicious coffee scrolls by nibbling all around the edges and saving the icing for last.

    3. In A Biskit Dixie Drumstix and Big Cheese,

    A much-loved lunch favourite, the In A Biskit range was so good that you could easily polish off a box in one sitting.

    4. Strawberry and Banana-Flavoured YoGo

    While its chocolate addition is still available, '90s kids will remember the YoGo variety packs that came with banana AND strawberry.

    5. Incredibites


    OH MAN. Nothing, and I repeat NOTHING, was better than opening up your lunch box to a packet of Incredibites. They were these crispy pockets filled with chocolate and hazelnut. Delicious.

    6. Doritos 3D

    @loveographer / Via, @cassieoh84 / Via

    So much better than regular Doritos especially in terms of the crunch factor. They were also incredibly easy to binge because it felt like you were just eating cheese-flavoured air.

    7. Bertie Beetles

    @andrewtiley / Via

    Kids these days will most likely associate these chocos with the $2 showbags at the Easter Show. But in reality, Bertie Beetles used to be as common as Freddo Frogs and Caramello Koalas.

    8. Vice Versas

    Nestle / Via

    Vice Versas were these perfect, button-shaped pieces coated in a mixture of white and milk chocolate. And while they're technically still available in the UK, they have yet to reappear on Australian soil. *Shakes fist*.

    9. Bugz

    Nestle / Via

    Filled with chewy, gummy lollies, Bugz was hands down one of the best ice blocks. The fact that they no longer exist is a national travesty.

    10. Cadbury Marble chocolate

    Featuring the perfect blend of white and milk, Marble was one of the more successful Dairy Milk spin-offs. In fact, it was so popular that there is a currently a 12,000 strong Facebook page dedicated to its revival.

    11. Calippo Shots

    Streets / Via Facebook: 326805180685939

    These lemon-lime icy balls were what the cool kids ate in the summer. They gave you instant cred, especially if you ditched the spoon and poured 'em straight down your throat.

    12. Milo Chocolate Bar

    Facebook: bringitbackyoubastards

    Kids these days will never know the beauty of a REAL Milo bar. They were essentially hunks of Milo powder covered in chocolate. Yuuuuuum.

    13. Strawberry Dunkaroos


    Yeah, yeah. We all know that the choc hazelnut flavour is still available, but the strawberry one has vanished. What's with companies and removing strawberry flavours?!

    14. Arnott's Quatro Biscuits

    Although they were never as good as a Tim Tam, there was a whole lot to love about a biscuit covered in chocolate, peanuts, and caramel.

    15. Bisc & Bars

    There was no way that these had any nutritional value whatsoever. But for some reason your mum bought them for your school lunches anyway?! And they also came in a bunch of different flavours like Mars and Twix.

    16. Tiny Teddy Dippers

    What's better than Tiny Teddies? Dipping them in chocolate or strawberry, of course.

    17. Goober

    Goober took all the hard work out of making a PB&J sandwich. Plus, it made you feel so darn American.

    18. Paddle Pop Frozen Thick Shake and Mud Puddle

    Streets / Via Facebook: Streets

    Aw, remember these bad boys? They were the highlight of every school canteen. The Thick Shake was a treat compared to the usual Paddle Pop, while the Mud Puddle combined two of your fave ice creams flavours.

    19. Toucan Ice Cream

    You were meant to split a Toucan with a mate, but most of the time you kept it all to yourself. Cheeky bugger.

    20. Polly Waffle

    Although Chocolate Works recently brought out a revamped version called The Great Aussie Waffle Log, it still doesn't hold a candle to the original Polly Waffle. Nestlé, it's your move.

    21. Fruity Bix Bars

    If you didn't have time for your usual Weet-Bix in the morning, these Fruity Bix Bars were the next best thing. Covered in yogurt and little bits of dried fruit, they made the perfect snack.

    22. Pigs in Mud

    Ah, these were the best. Ultra-cute and ultra-delicious.

    23. Nerds Ropes

    @rainbow_amanda / Via

    These ropes were basically just a line of Nerds stuck onto this chewy, fruit-flavoured centre. Perfection.

    24. McCain Potato Smiles

    @brisbanefoodlovers / Via

    If there was ever a snack food worthy of resurrection, this would be it. Delicious, golden potatoes that were an iconic staple of every Aussie kid's childhood. Bring them back, McCain Australia!

    25. Cadbury Old Gold Toffee Crunch

    Kinda like eating a Crunchie, but you felt 10x fancier because it was ~dark~ chocolate.