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Posted on 11 Dec 2017

29 Times The Australian Police Force Were Just Really Damn Funny In 2017

Nothing but respect for MY meme presidents.

1. When they made this A+ "Mr Brightside" joke.

PD Cobble. *Listens to Mr. Brightside once*

2. When they knew how to bust a rhyme.

Roses are red, Eminem likes spaghetti, Always use your indicator, Avoid regretti.

@nswpolice / Via Twitter: @nswpolice

3. When they decided to try a new approach for catching offenders.

Lost & Found! Do you own these 34 bags of cannabis found at Terrey Hills? Visit local police to claim. We'd love to…

4. When they compiled the ultimate road trip playlist.

You say 5 hour car ride, I say 5 hour live set featuring Daryl #takeabreak

5. When they stuck it to Twitter's new character limit.

Yo NSW, stop speeding! #DontEvenNeed280Characters

6. When they fangirled over their shiny set of wheels.

So scenic! The mountains don't look bad either...

7. When they shared this winning combination to get their point across.

Never click on suspicious links, no matter how tempting they may be...#ComputerSecurityDay

8. When they tried to make #BrooklynNineLives a thing.

It was the purrfect disguise for this cat burglar #BrooklynNineLives 🐱🐾

9. When their pun game was as good as it gets.

Please watch out for de-brie as truckload of cheese has rolled and blocked the Hume Motorway near Goulburn. Please…

10. When they confirmed what we already knew about all dogs.

Officer: count to ten please. Doggo: 1,2,3,4,*beep* Officer: just what I suspected, it's showing you're a good boy.

11. When they snuck in a cheeky "OK" symbol into one of their images.

ALWAYS check your mirrors when driving.

12. When they actually used "3 dotty bois" in a meme.

Make the right choice. Don't text and drive.

13. When they shared this report of a guy who just wanted some cheeky Nandos.

Nandos Chicken is good but lives are put at risk every time you drive through a RED TCL, there simply is no excuse!…

14. When they were inspired to do some quick maffs.

Texting while driving will never be hot #yourpointsgoskrrrrrraa

15. When they gave Ed Sheeran some love while also playing to stereotypes.

I'm in love with the shape of you.

16. When they revealed the newest members of their "A-Team".

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire...the A-Team.…

17. When they celebrated not only birthdays, but borkdays.

Happy heckin' borkday to PD Belle 🎂

18. When they jumped onboard the Spotify playlist meme:

19. When they dragged Osher Günsberg for his involvement in The Bachelor.

Reports @oshergunsberg has lured a 30yo Brisbane man into a romance scam for the 2nd year in row. #TheBachelorAU

20. When they made excellent use of these Snow Patrol lyrics.

If I wait here, If I just wait here, Would you drive slowly or just speed down the road? #snowpatrol

21. When they used this trending meme to spice up their PSAs.

22. When they knew exactly how to get our attention.

Facebook: nswpoliceforce

23. When they absolutely roasted this driver's mistake.

24. When they shaded every "I miss you" text ever.

Facebook: nswpoliceforce

25. When they paid tribute to Microsoft Paint by making a dank meme.

Facebook: nswpoliceforce

26. When they recorded footage of this DISTRESSING attack.

#BREAKING We've just received this distressing vision of werewolves taking over the Dog Unit #Fridaythe13th

27. When they expertly repurposed these Nickelback lyrics.

🎶 Look at this photograph. Every time I do it makes me laugh. How do chickens seem to comprehend. The safest way to…

29. And when they finally settled the pineapple on pizza debate.

Facebook: nswpoliceforce

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