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    Prepare Your To-Watch List Because Popcorn Flavour Maltesers Are About To Become Your New Fave Snack

    If popcorn and Maltesers were already the best movie snack, these are next level!

    Watching movies at the cinema is an enjoyable experience for many reasons. For one, there's the big screen, then the whole ~ambience~ factor and, of course, the snacks.

    And while I'm sure everyone has their own opinion on which is the best, I'm sure we can all agree that the combination of Maltesers and cinema popcorn is elite.

    A close up of popcorn that has been mixed with Maltesers

    But with Miss Roni — aka COVID-19 — rearing its ugly head, it's made it harder to go the cinema and enjoy this much-loved combination.

    A close up of popcorn that has been mixed with Maltesers

    Enter popcorn flavour Maltesers — that's right...POPCORN FLAVOUR MALTESERS.

    A hand holding a bag of popcorn flavour Maltesers

    *Cue immediate frothing.*

    The new choccy ball flavour first popped up on the Instagram account @foodfindsgelong, who mentioned finding them at Woolies.

    While they're not listed on the Woolies website, I decided to head out to my local shops to investigate and see whether I could find this mouth-watering Maltesers flavour — and bingo, I bagged them immediately.

    A hand holding a bag of popcorn flavour Maltesers in front of a grocery store shelf

    Now, the part everyone has been waiting for — the taste test! Well, first off, they smelled incredible and very sweet, almost like caramel popcorn.

    A close up look at the inside of the popcorn flavour Maltesers in their bag

    Taste-wise there was a slight popcorn flavour. I was expecting (and wished!) it to be stronger, but honestly, they’re not bad at all. In fact, I'm now wondering what popcorn-flavoured Maltesers would taste like when combined with, well, popcorn.

    A close up of the popcorn flavour Maltesers in a bowl

    If you're keen to try these out, I would suggest heading to your nearest Coles or Woolies to see if they're in stock.

    Just make sure to stay safe and practise social distancing. Enjoy your treats!