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    15 Nostalgic "Barbie" Movies, Ranked From Worst To Best

    You're lying if you say these weren't your entire childhood.

    As far as nostalgic movies go, I think the Barbie ones take the cake. They were beautifully animated, had positive messages and were honestly such a huge part of my childhood.

    Barbie movies is a cinematic masterpiece and no one can tell me otherwise.

    So, let's take a walk down memory lane and definitively rank them, from worst to best — although when I say "worst", that just means they weren't my all-time favourite. Because, let's be honest, they all SLAPPED.

    FYI — There are way too many Barbie movies to rank, so I stuck to the most nostalgic and popular ones I could remember. Sorry if your fave didn't make the cut!

    15. Barbie And The Diamond Castle (2008)

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    I remember liking Barbie And The Diamond Castle because it gave me Snow White vibes. But apart from that, I don't think it made a huge impression because I can't remember much else about the plot. It does look like it has all the requirements of a solid Barbie movie though — friendship, wholesome vibes and superb animation, so I'll give it points for that.

    14. Barbie In The Pink Shoes (2013)

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    This is one of the newer movies on the list, but it has all the markings of a nostalgic Barbie movie — which is what makes it a decent watch. It's got classical music, a simple storyline and stunning animation. At the end of the day, it doesn't quite reach the heights of say, Barbie As Rapunzel.

    13. The Barbie Diaries (2006)

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    Okay, I'm sure you can all agree with me when I say The Barbie Diaries probably has the worst animation in the series. But if you look past that, this movie has such a relatable and fun storyline because it takes place in a high school. It's different, it has teen drama and romance — and overall, it's a solid Barbie movie.

    12. Barbie: Mariposa (2008)

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    Mariposa tells the story of a shy butterfly princess — and while it is cute, it's also kind of forgettable and fails to live up to the hype of some of the older Barbie movies. All I really remember from this one are the pretty wings on all the characters.

    11. Barbie And The Three Musketeers (2009)

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    This was one of those Barbie movies that I didn't catch as a kid, but more so stumbled onto. While I don't remember too much about the plot, I did love how they flipped The Three Musketeers into something more modern and female-focused. I mean, who doesn't want to see Barbie and her friends kick ass?

    10. Barbie Fairytopia (2005)

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    Fairytopia was SUCH a vibe as a kid. The magic, the fantasy and heck, it introduced us all to the lovable Bibble. It's no wonder it was a favourite! But looking back on it as an adult, I don't know — for some reason, it doesn't hook me in as much it used to and that's where it loses points. Still love it, though.

    9. Barbie: Princess Charm School (2011)

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    You know when you're looking for something on TV to watch (stay with me, this was pre-Netflix) and stumble on a random Barbie movie? That's exactly what happened with me and Princess Charm School — and even though I promised myself I would only watch 10 minutes, it turned into the full hour and 20 minutes.

    Princess Charm School feels like it was made for a slightly older audience and I think that's why I enjoyed it! The main character is called Blair (a la Gossip Girl vibes) and overall, it's just a really fun watch.

    8. Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia (2006)

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    The sequel to the OG Fairytopia, Mermaidia — in my opinion — is far better. Yes, the storyline is slightly cheesy, but that's what makes the movie so great. Mermaidia also wins a stack of points for its beautiful underwater aesthetic, for not pairing off Elina with a guy and for the return of Bibble.

    7. Barbie In The 12 Dancing Princesses (2006)

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    Although this is far from being my favourite Barbie movie, I can definitely understand why people love it. The dancing is so fun (you're lying if you didn't join in on the intro) and the accompanying music is perfect. Plus, even though there's 12 princesses, each one of them has their own spunky personality, so there's someone for everyone to relate to.

    6. Barbie As The Island Princess (2007)

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    This movie deserves a standing ovation for that peacock-inspired dress alone. Like, goddamn — that is one HECK of a ball gown. Moving past that, we need to talk about the songs. Unlike other Barbie movies, The Island Princess is a musical. And what makes it even better is that the songs are meshed perfectly into the storyline. There's no random breaking out into song and dance here.

    Although I haven't rewatched this recently, I also feel like it's probably aged well with the animation and plot.

    5. Barbie And The Magic Of Pegasus (2005)

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    The Magic Of Pegasus is a high-tier Barbie movie. It's got the perfect blend of adventure and heartwarming moments. Plus, I stan Annika, aka the main character. She's not only a princess and an ice skater, but isn't afraid to swap witty lines with Aiden. Oh, and if you didn't already know, Brie Larson (of Captain Marvel fame) sang "Hope Has Wings", which makes this film even more iconic.

    4. Barbie In The Nutcracker (2001)

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    This was the first ever second-generation Barbie film and it still ranks as one of the best. The plot is basically a modernised version of The Nutcracker and features music from the original ballet by Tchaikovsky. Its animation, although a tad dated, is gorgeous and charming AF. Plus, how good were those dancing numbers — especially the duet where Barbie is revealed to be the Sugar Plum Princess?!

    3. Barbie Of Swan Lake (2003)

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    Growing up, this Barbie movie was constantly being rewatched in my house. It's a classic, not only because it's based on Tchaikovsky's ballet counterpart, but because of its animation and aesthetic. The dancing scenes are out of this world beautiful and Lila is the unicorn I always dreamed of having as a kid.

    2. Barbie As Rapunzel (2002)

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    It’s a shame that this film has never appeared on any of those “Top 100 Movies To Watch” lists because it is an absolute masterpiece. Besides featuring a dragon — who, might I add, defies conventional dragon stereotypes (you go, Penelope!) — there's a magical paintbrush, which allows Rapunzel to paint herself out of the castle. Like, how cool is that?!

    The animation is simply gorgeous (the scene with Rapunzel painting herself a dress is ICONIC!). I'm not even ashamed 
 to admit that on a recent rewatch of this with my older sister, I actually got a bit emotional. This — along with the Barbie As Rapunzel computer game — is my childhood.

    1. Barbie As The Princess And The Pauper (2004)

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    In comparison to the other Barbie movies, The Princess And The Pauper is on a whole other level. It differs from others in the series because it is a musical — and that's partly why it comes out on top. The songs ("I'm just like you, you're just like me..." — need I say anymore?) are incredibly catchy and it's a crime that Barbie hasn't put the soundtrack on Spotify yet. Seriously, I would pay to see a Broadway version of this movie.

    In saying that, the storyline is also fantastic and the merch they released alongside it (hello, talking Serafina!!!) was on point. And that's why it is simply the best and ranked number one on this list.