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    41 Subtle Aussie Traits That The Rest Of The World Absolutely Adores

    Who knew people loved hearing Australians say, "Naaauuur," so much?


    i love when australians say naurrr cause it’s like yes u do say it like that it’s true 😌

    Twitter: @heelsdrag44


    I love when Australians lecture me on sunscreen. They know so much more.

    Twitter: @pasiphae_goals


    I love when Australians ask me to drink with them and sing karaoke because how can I say no to that accent???

    Twitter: @M_Noell13


    I love when Australians come into the store and tell me “cheers mate” when they leave 😰💖

    Twitter: @raeespin


    I love when Australians tell me something that’s general knowledge here and I just have to pretend like I know what they’re saying and then google it later

    Twitter: @JennaManto


    Don’t you just love the Australians, they aren’t afraid to say what most people are thinking

    Twitter: @pawseygirl


    brekkie is such a silly little word gotta love the australians

    Twitter: @noradrenaIine


    I fucking love it when Australians swear. They just go around calling each other cunts(?) and Americans could never sound that fucking funny.

    Twitter: @larstrash


    I love it when Aussies say “yeah nah nah nah”.

    Twitter: @iconsam


    I love it when Aussies call me a legend for the smallest things like giving them their receipt over the counter. Lol

    Twitter: @AlexiaFhtagn


    gotta love australian slang, they're really just out there in the bush calling people shit like "drongo" and it honestly just hits the mark

    Twitter: @basil_bobby


    i love it when australians go like "nahr" when they say "no". i like that. thats good.

    Twitter: @BriAtCookiebox


    love it when Australians compliment my accent because I love their accents too. how pure

    Twitter: @oliviaacagle


    I love it when Australians experience disappointment and they're all "oh naur!" I wander around Perth causing mild inconveniences just to hear their silly little noises

    Twitter: @proofrawk


    Love it when Australians used to say thanks to me with ‘Much love’ aksjdkala 🥺 so wholesome

    Twitter: @nucifercyanide


    Love it when Australians say, “how are ya?” after they greet you with a good morning/evening or a hello. Their greetings involve showing genuine (I hope) care for the other person. 🐨

    Twitter: @Mbernardine_05


    I love it when Australians describe a deadly animal like ‘it’s harmless unless it bites ya’ so chill

    Twitter: @alice_rubes


    I love it when aussies say the word cunt it’s just so satisfying

    Twitter: @lolobryce


    I always love it when Australians say 'data'.

    Twitter: @aivelo


    I don’t understand a single moment of Aussie Rules Football but I love it so much.

    Twitter: @JakePechtel


    I love it when aussies swear. They're so original and natural with their swear words.

    Twitter: @dizzybisch


    When you put the Aussies together they become a huge mess, super hyper! I love it so much 😭

    Twitter: @smolsoftlix


    I love it when Australians say “How ya goin’.”

    Twitter: @krazy4kimono


    I love how Australians say water…WOT-ah

    Twitter: @yumsids


    I love how Australians call these “tadoos”

    Twitter: @sarahbanana


    I love how Australians give cute nicknames for everything. McDonald’s? Naur, it’s ✨Maccas✨🧚‍♀️💛🥺

    Twitter: @ligssalem


    i love how australians call periods full stops its so funny to me for some reason

    Twitter: @xshatterspam


    I love how Australians say "stuff up" Lol Also...a shopping cart is called a trolley? So what do they call a trolley?

    Twitter: @JadeBethJ


    i love how australians just change everything to a made up word or shortening everything and ending it with an O or IE/Y

    Twitter: @kyoshisbigtoe


    i love how australians can take a joke better than british people😭😭

    Twitter: @captainmarveIjr


    I love how Australians ask "how you going?" instead of "how are you?" because it's a better question and it provokes genuine introspection. How AM I going? How are any of us still going, really?

    Twitter: @Eva_B89


    i love how aussies use the word reckon

    Twitter: @mightbeluela


    I love how Aussies have that upward lilt at the end of most sentences. #riffotronic

    Twitter: @wolf_cine


    I love how Aussies just say what ever the fuck the want on news interviews ITS GREAT

    Twitter: @snowflake2k18


    I love how Aussies talk. Like, they just draw out every syllable of their speech and it’s glorious.

    Twitter: @LangdonJesse


    i love how aussies nickname everything lmao crowded house became crowdies, hunters & collectors is the hunnas, midnight oil is the oils, and so on and so forth

    Twitter: @sistermadlys


    I love how Aussies express the concept of "a lot of things." Heaps. "That's heaps cheap!" "I missed you heaps!" I don't know. I think that's really charming.

    Twitter: @ChaseFaceShow


    I love how aussies say “righto” it’s my new thing

    Twitter: @hanburkart


    I love how Aussies say butter. "Serve this with a knob of BUTTAH." "Liberally coat the sourdough bread with BUTTAH." "Fry these up with some BUTTAH." 😂😂😂

    Twitter: @rckyryalty


    I love how Aussies are like ‘man it’s so cold rn’ when it’s 22 degrees. Dude, in the UK 22 degrees means the men have got their shorts on & are walking around with bare chests on show 😂😂

    Twitter: @lucekayb


    Barista: can I grab a name for your order? Me: Ruby Barista: Ruby? Thanks Rubes, shouldn’t be too far away. I love how Aussies shorten everything and I love it when people call me Rubes 😂😭

    Twitter: @Rubycharlotte