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    21 Times Tumblr Perfectly Summed Up Your Obsession With YA Novels

    Someone: "Aren't you too old to be reading YA?" Me: "ExCUSE me?!?!"

    1. When it accurately described your loyalty to the YA fanbase:

    2. When it knew the kind of books you go for:

    3. When it gave meaning to the power of words:

    4. When it accurately described your undeniable thirst for book characters:

    5. When it knew how sensitive you are about your fave books:

    6. When it described the plot of almost every YA novel:

    7. When it spoke to your book-obsessed soul:

    8. When it nailed your exact mood while reading:

    9. When it perfectly explained your feels towards spoilers:

    10. When it understood the apparent "age limit" for YA novels:

    11. When it somehow knew that "one more chapter" never really means "one more chapter":

    12. When it appreciated your preference for YA over other genres:

    13. When it knew why you had trust issues with certain types of characters:

    14. When it gave you a new perspective on YA plot devices:


    15. When it empathised with the struggle that comes with being a book-lover:

    16. When it understood your exasperation towards teenage boys:

    17. When it perfectly explained the relationship you have with your favourite book:

    18. When it was too real about the blurred lines between reality and fiction:

    19. When it reminded you how silly some YA book publishers are:

    20. When it understood your total lack of judgement when it comes to certain characters:

    21. And when it knew exactly what the best part of every YA novel is: