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35 Things That Are Too Damn Real For People Raised By Indian Parents

Me: Dad I want to be an actor! Dad: No beta, it's pronounced doctor.

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1. You were only allowed to follow a select range of pre-determined career options.

Doctor, lawyer, engineer, or disgrace to the family. Hmmm.


11. Every cup of chai had to be served with wheat rusks.


16. ...ESPECIALLY when they were talking on the phone.


24. There was literally nothing that excited your mum more than meeting your Indian friends.

28. Missing calls from your parents was basically a death wish.

Indian mother logic: After 1 missed call: He is busy. I'll call later. After 2 calls: Why is he so busy? After 3 calls: Oh no. He's dead.


29. But nothing hurt an Indian mother more than when you chose to eat out.

List of unforgivable sins, according to Indian mothers: 5. Drugs 4. Theft 3. Murder 2. Premarital Sex 1. Why didn't you eat dinner at home?

31. And come Diwali, your phone would be filled with messages like this from your relatives.

I can't wait for Diwali to be over purely so my relatives stop sending me things like this over whatsapp…

32. Your house always seemed to smell like incense or curry.


33. Anything was better than having to talk to your relatives from back home.

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After all the small talk would be over you would try to hand back the phone to your mum who had conveniently disappeared.