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    19 Of The Best Tweets About Melbourne's Magnitude-Six Earthquake This Morning

    "Can the apocalypse stop for a second please?!"

    In things Australians didn't expect to have on their 2021 bingo card, Melbourne has just experienced an earthquake.

    Building damage on Chapel Street in Melbourne #earthquake

    Twitter: @SimoLove

    According to the Seismology Centre, preliminary reports have measured it as a 5.8 magnitude earthquake, although other sources have reported it as high as magnitude-six.

    Twitter: @AusQuake

    A magnitude 6.0 #Earthquake has occurred with an epicentre near Mansfield in Victoria. Widespread felt reports. If you have building damage or require SES assistance, phone 132500 and please be patient as lines may be busy.

    Twitter: @vicsesnews

    The earthquake was felt across Melbourne, with the epicentre being north of Woods Point. Australians have also reported feeling shaking in Canberra and Sydney.

    Our house just shook side to side about 3 times.

    Twitter: @catherinemaths

    Of course, with Australians being Australians, those in Victoria made light of an otherwise terrifying situation. Here are some of the best tweets that capture Melbourne's earthquake.


    the Melbourne earthquake, 22/10/21 — we will rebuild...

    Twitter: @Evan_M_G


    Everyone in Melbourne coming to twitter to confirm there was an earthquake #earthquake

    Twitter: @jebaiting


    Twitter: @o4tmiIk


    Earthquake in Melbourne. 'Herald Sun' has already blamed Dan Andrews.

    Twitter: @mrtonymartin


    That earthquake really sums up this week in Melbourne

    Twitter: @bridgerollo


    The Great Melbourne earthquake of 2021

    Twitter: @masericha


    Melbourne earthquake determination: 1. Is the washing machine on spin cycle? 2. Is a big truck driving past? 3. Is someone moving furniture and dropped a piano? 4. Is blasting/drilling going on nearby? 4. Is it going on long enough to consider these questions? 5. Earthquake!

    Twitter: @michaeljpryor


    Did anyone just feel an earthquake in Melbourne? The most liveable city is really shitting on its legacy the last few days!

    Twitter: @andytomlee


    Everyone in Melbourne shaking right now from the #earthquake

    Twitter: @pattywcook


    This year is getting to the point where we need to sacrifice a goat and wear torn clothes in atonement or some shit like that #earthquake

    Twitter: @NyadolNyuon


    everyone getting on Twitter after that #earthquake

    Twitter: @manlikemomo_


    We will get through this together 😔 #earthquake

    Twitter: @CursingCelery


    Melbourne this morning #earthquake #tremor

    Twitter: @LiamMoloney61


    Reminder: #earthquake is not one of the 6 reasons to leave your home.

    Twitter: @TheTimMcDonald


    Thoughts with anyone who had just had their first vaccine jab at 9.15am this morning in Melbourne. I assure you it wasn’t a side effect. We all felt it. #Earthquake

    Twitter: @pjhelliar


    Melbourne’s week: Monday and Tuesday: riots Wednesday: #earthquake … Sunday:

    Twitter: @DaPf6


    Earthquake in Melbourne People coming to twitter #earthquake :

    Twitter: @jebaiting


    Very sad to report a casualty in Fairfield #earthquake

    Twitter: @JKenyonMusic


    Can the apocalypse stop for a second please! #earthquake

    Twitter: @carolineschelle

    In all seriousness, we hope that everyone in Victoria is doing okay. Please stay safe and follow the directions of local authorities.