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    26 Photos From Princess Diana's And Meghan Markle's Australian Tours That Will Make You Emotional

    For both of them, this tour changed everything.

    There's no doubt that you've watched — or at least heard — about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah.

    Harry and Meghan sitting on two chairs while holding hands

    During the two-hour special, there were some shocking revelations that explored Harry and Meghan's relationship with the royal family. But, the turning point, as described by the couple, was during their trip to Australia in 2018.

    Harry and Meghan sitting together on a bench; Harry is leaning towards Meghan while she smiles

    According to Harry, the success of the tour, with Meghan dazzling the public, meant that "the family got to see how incredible Meghan was at the job".

    Meghan greeting school children at Dubbo Airport; she is holding bouquets of flowers

    But, at the same time, it "brought back memories" of his mother, Princess Diana, having a very similar experience nearly 40 years ago.

    Diana and Charles standing in front of Uluru

    In responding to Oprah's question of whether there were hints of jealousy after Meghan's success, Harry said: "I just wish that we would all just learn from the past."

    Harry and Meghan sitting on two chairs while holding hands

    For both Diana and Meghan, their Australian tours signalled the beginning of multiple challenges surrounding their royal duties. Here, we take a close look back at how their experiences mirror each other's — including the Australian public's reception of them.

    1. Here's Diana smiling at a group of well-wishers, including young children, while walking around in Melbourne.

    2. And here's Meghan bending down to talk to a group of school children after arriving at Dubbo Airport.

    3. Here's Diana joyfully greeting and shaking hands with some locals while visiting a children's centre in Melbourne.

    4. And here's Meghan doing the same thing in Melbourne, over 30 years later.

    5. Here's Diana leaning down to accept a flower from a young girl while visiting Tasmania.

    6. And here's Meghan, alongside Harry, accepting some native flowers from a young boy and girl in Sydney.

    7. Here's Diana receiving a kiss on the hand from a student in Melbourne.

    8. And here's Meghan holding the hands of Daphne Dunne, a former servicewoman who was a big fan of the royal family, while in Sydney.

    9. Here's Diana bending down to talk to the local children and accept their flower bouquets in Macedon.

    10. And here's Meghan warmly embracing a young boy after arriving at Dubbo Airport.

    11. Here's Diana, alongside Charles, reaching out of the car to accept a flower from a young girl in the crowd at Bunbury.

    12. And here's Meghan sharing a smile with a little girl in Melbourne.

    13. Here's Diana mingling with an enormous crowd that has gathered at the Sydney Opera House.

    14. And here's Meghan and Harry smiling alongside a local surfing community group at Bondi Beach in Sydney.

    15. Here's Diana smiling while greeting the waiting crowd in Yandina, Queensland.

    16. And here's Meghan doing the same, but in Sydney and in 2018.

    17. Here's Diana stopping to talk to a group of children who were excited to meet her in Perth.

    18. And here's Meghan accepting gifts from the crowd at Fraser Island, while also taking the time to properly meet them.

    19. Here's Diana saying hello to a group of school children waving the Australian flag in Canberra.

    20. And here's Meghan high-fiving someone in the crowd while she attends the Invictus Games in Sydney.

    21. Here's Diana looking at the enormous crowd that has gathered at the Sydney Opera House.

    22. And here's Meghan, looking back at Harry, while she greets a large crowd of locals in Melbourne.

    23. Here's Diana interacting with students at the School Of The Air during a trip to Alice Springs.

    24. And here's Meghan waving at students during a visit to Albert Park Primary School in Melbourne.

    25. Here's Diana and Charles playing with a very adorable baby Prince William.

    26. And here's Meghan, Harry and Archie (still growing inside Meghan's tummy) sharing a moment with one another.