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    Guys, I Can't Get Over Liam Hemsworth Singing "Party In The USA" To Miley Cyrus

    Catch me replaying this over and over again.

    If there's one thing we all know for certain, it's that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are one of the cutest couples that Hollywood has blessed us with.

    But besides looking adorable, these two absolutely LOVE to joke around and roast each other.

    Case in point: Liam singing the "yeah, yeah, yeah" part from "Party in the USA," which is arguably one of Miley's most iconic hits.

    And wow, yep, that is some FLAWLESS singing there.

    If you weren't already cackling, Liam posted a second part of him singing to his Instagram story. And let me tell you, this one really showcases his, er, talents.

    I literally replayed this at least five times because I couldn't stop laughing at Liam SCREAMING this at Miley.

    *prays to the relationships gods to give me a husband that literally serenades me while walking on a random tarmac*


    If it's somehow possible, I think I love these two even more than I already did.

    Nickelodeon / Spongebob Squarepants / Via


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