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    23 Throwback Aussie Teen Actors You Definitely Frothed Over As A Kid

    You were thirsty from a very early age.

    1. Adam Saunders (Heath Carroll on Blue Water High)


    To be fair, all the guys in Blue Water High were extremely good looking. But, Heath was different... he was kind, caring, and had those gorgeous, puppy dog eyes. Looking back, you actually got a bit jealous when his character dated Fly.

    2. Chris Foy (Matt Leyland on Blue Water High)


    At the beginning of the series, Matt was written off as the generic "smart guy". But then he took off his shirt, and exposed that damn nipple ring. Holy freakin' guacamole.

    3. Ryan Corr (Sheng Zemmett on Silversun)


    Never have you wanted to be trapped on a spaceship more than when you watched Silversun. There was something about Sheng, and those freshly-gelled spikes that got you frothing real hard.

    4. Jack Blumeanu (Noah on Noah & Saskia)


    Watching Noah & Saksia made you want to find your own Prince Charming online. But that dream was cut short when your mum banned you from spending too much time on Habbo Hotel. Ugh, laaame.

    5. Brett Tucker (Max Regnery on The Saddle Club)


    He was the older guy you weren't supposed to be crushing on, but you always dreamed of one day finding a guy who was just as caring and dreamy as Max was.

    6. James O'Dea (Red O'Malley on The Saddle Club)


    Every time you watched The Saddle Club, you would fall in love with Red all over again. He was so good with the horses, and probably had some pretty strong muscles from cleaning out the stables.

    7. Rian McLean (Pete Twist on Round The Twist)


    Strange things happened when you watched Round The Twist... including the feeling in your soul when you saw Pete.

    8. Matthew Waters (Bronson Twist on Round The Twist)


    The episode where Bronson accidentally swallowed a rare fish, and gained a very special sort of propeller made you look at him in a whole different light.

    9. Scott Tweedie (Prank Patrol)


    Every episode of Prank Patrol made you hope that one day Scott would prank you, and then magically ask you out after filming had finished.

    10. James Tobin (Go Go Stop)

    Seven Network

    Watching your boy, James, with that ~edgy haircut~ on Go Go Stop, was your favourite after-school activity.

    11. Nick Hardcastle (Creature Features)


    Animals, tick. Cute, dreamy guy, tick. Watching Nick play with puppies for 30 minutes? TICK, TICK.

    12. Elliot Spencer (Rollercoaster)


    Elliot was kinda nerdy, but you dug that vibe. Plus, he hosted Rollercoaster which had all your favourite cartoons, and that really catchy theme song.

    13. Angus McLaren (Lewis McCartney on H20: Just Add Water)

    Network Ten

    Okay, real talk guys. Lewis was GOALS. He was talented, smart, and always helped out the H20 girls when they needed him. And yes, you may or may not have cried when he left the show in Season Three.

    14. James Sorensen (Declan Napier on Neighbours)

    Network Ten

    Everyone thought Declan was the ultimate bad boy, but you always believed he had a good heart. And he finally proved it when he accepted his responsibilities as a single parent. DADDY AF.

    15. Joshua Marshall Clark (Ben Johnson on Parallax)


    You didn't so much as want to date Ben, but more just follow him around to explore all the different worlds. Wait, was young you try to friendzone Ben? Hmm.

    16. Callan Mulvey (Drazic on Heartbreak High)

    Network Ten

    Drazic was so bad, and you secretly loved it. Plus, that eyebrow piercing gave you slight tingles.

    17. Rel Hunt (Ryan on Heartbreak High)

    Network Ten

    Those pouty lips, and that long, beautiful hair that you wanted to run your fingers through. Enough said, really.

    18. James Pearson (Simon Tudor on Jeopardy)

    ABC/BBC One

    Technically, James was a British actor on an Australian TV show, but that's besides the point. You were always rooting for Simon (even when he went kind of crazy and started "seeing" Mr Simmons and Melissa).

    19. Jack Yabsley (Saturday Disney)

    Seven Network

    Waking up early on the weekend wasn't difficult when you got to watch Jack do segments like this on Saturday Disney.

    20. Luke Erceg (Leon Lipowski on Mortified)


    Leon was the class heartthrob on Mortified and had good reason to be. But, he was so much more than a pretty face... right?

    21. Nicolas Dunn (Hector Garcia on Mortified)


    Seriously, Hector was SO underrated in Mortified. He was loyal, smart, and always looked out for Taylor. And how did she repay him? By calling him a DORK.

    22. Zbych Trofimiuk (Paul Reynolds on Spellbinders)

    Nine Network

    Paul always got your heart racing whenever you watched Spellbinders.

    23. And Jade Gatt and Ryan Lappin (Cheez TV)

    Network Ten

    The Cheez TV hosts were always going to be a package deal, and tbh you were ready.


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