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Josh Thomas Has Apologised And Says He Is "Super Ashamed" Of His Racial Comments In An Old Video

Thomas' apology comes as he claimed that "finding an experienced actor that's not white is really hard" in Australia, when compared to the States.

Australian comedian and actor, Josh Thomas, has publicly apologised for racist comments he made in relation to hiring actors from diverse backgrounds in a 2016 panel discussion.

In a note posted to Twitter, Thomas acknowledges that his comments were "really dumb, illogical [and] insensitive" and that he is now "committed to doing better".

He added, "When making Please Like Me, I always went into the casting room with it [authentic diversity in casting] as a top priority and then fell short, many times."

"The conversation about why the casting process in Australia is structured to keep out people who aren't white and straight, with symmetrical faces and no body fat percentage — is an important one to have, but the answers I offered in this clip are in no way constructive or correct."

The apology comes as footage of a "Writers Room" panel discussion — which took place at the Sydney Opera House and featured Celia Pacquola, Luke McGregor, Gretel Killeen and Dan Harmon — was uploaded to Twitter last night.

4 the fans, this is my favourite snippet mainly because of Dan Harmon’s facial reaction to “Its easier in the States”

In it, Thomas makes reference to typecasting Indian actors in 7/11 worker roles, saying "Do you make them Indian or is that offensive? Or if you make them white, is that a bit, like, you're lying, really?"

He then goes on to claim that diversity casting is easier in the States because "finding an experienced actor that's not white is really hard."

Thomas' comments drew widespread criticism, with many noting both the irony and disturbing nature of the video.

The reason that Josh Thomas video is so disturbing is that people we think are on our side are not. White moderates are more dangerous than outright racists.

Josh Thomas: how can I, an inexperienced white actor who got to make my own show and who cast another inexperienced white actor in said show, possibly cast an inexperienced black/brown/Asian actor ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

God that Josh Thomas clip. The panel itself was bound to be a mess when talking about diversity but the way he ignored Dan Harmon's points about the obstacles for minorities to become writers.

I hate the racism of Josh Thomas here, but also the arrogant way he undermines working at 7/11 like that isn’t a legitimate job held by many people trying to feed their families. If anything corona virus has made me appreciate these workers a lot more. Just gross.

Josh Thomas, with no acting experience, wrote himself the lead role in his show and cast his white friends (also not actors) in the same show. But ok sure people (of colour) should only be hired if they come with extensive experience!!!!

You can read Thomas' full apology here.

Oh, and if you're a BIPOC actor — you are so much more than the stereotypes society places on us. You are talented, amazing and deserve the entire world.