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    17 Reactions To Instagram Hiding Likes That Are Seriously Way Too Accurate

    WHAT DO WE WANT? Chronological order!! WHEN DO WE WANT IT? Now!!

    If you haven't heard by now, Instagram has a new feature where it hides the total number of likes and video views on its platform.

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    It's a new test being run in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy and New Zealand to encourage people to ~share~ more content and to stop focusing on the number of likes (and the self-validation that comes with it).

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    FYI, if you're freaking out, DO NOT WORRY. You can still see your own likes by tapping on the list of people who have interacted with your post, BUT you can't see anyone else's.

    And while most people have praised Instagram for the positive move...

    Likes have officially dropped off my Instagram and I really love it. I already feel like I'm not looking for how many people have engaged and I just pay attention to what's written and been posted. #InstagramLikes

    1. ...there are others who just wish that Instagram would bloody bring back CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER.

    @instagram We want chronological order again...


    @instagram How many time do we have to ask for chronological order back. I miss so many posts!!! 😠 give us what we want. Who cares how many likes and who sees it. We can’t like a post if we can’t even see it in our feed.



    4. Seriously, Instagram. It's been three years and all we want is our precious chronological order back.

    can you please just put the fucking feed back to chronological order and go on with your day


    @instagram literally all we wanted was chronological order


    @instagram Literally no one asked for this! Get rid of it and put our posts back into chronological order

    7. Why, oh why, do they continue to ignore us???

    First of all, y’all trippin. Second of all, we wanted chronological order and y’all keep doing unnecessary shit instead.


    we don’t want this. how many times do we have to tell you that WE JUST WANT CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER BACK !!!


    just bring back chronological order oh my god

    10. Surely it's a simple fix?!

    @instagram So put the feed in chronological order so they can actually SEE my photos.




    @instagram Show posts in chronological order Show posts in chronological order Show posts in chronological order Show posts in chronological order Show posts in chronological order Show posts in chronological order Show posts in chronological order Show posts in chronological order

    13. Or at least give us the OPTION to choose how our feed is ordered. Us chronological snobs want CHOICE.

    @instagram You don’t listen to what people want. Just chronological order. Dassit


    @instagram Why? We just want our timeline back in chronological order!! Dassit!!!


    @instagram @ToriNicksWho I want to see the posts in chronological order tho.


    @instagram Chronological order again, pleaseeeee

    17. In conclusion:

    @kingsleyyy Lowkey here for it, still waiting for our feeds to be back in chronological order though

    Sigh, maybe we'll actually get what we want in the next update. Until next time, team chronological order!


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