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    I Asked Indians To Guess The Meaning Of Aussie Slang And It Was Hilarious

    "Drongo? Hmm, someone seems to have spelt Drogon from Game Of Thrones wrong."

    If there's one thing Australians are known for, it's our creative and often confusing slang. Considering that, I thought it would be fun to get my colleagues over at BuzzFeed India to try and guess the meaning of some of our most iconic phrases. Here's what happened!

    1. Bludger

    Brad Pitt lounging around on a soft, smoking and eating a bag of chips

    2. Budgie smugglers

    Tight-fitting men's underwear

    3. Carry on like a pork chop

    Plate of pork chops that has been barbecued

    4. Choc a bloc

    A crowded train station platform

    5. Chuck a sickie

    Someone wrapped in a blanket, blowing their nose, while talking on the phone

    6. Durry

    A hand holding a lit cigarette

    7. Drongo

    Eric Bana in "Full Frontal" dressed as a bogan

    8. Dunny

    A toilet in a bathroom

    9. Fanging

    A snake hissing, showing its fangs

    10. Flat out like a lizard drinking

    Closeup of a lizard sticking its tongue out

    11. Gobbie

    A hand peeling a banana

    12. Goon

    A man drinking wine from a silver aluminium wine (goon) sack

    13. Grommet

    A young boy surfing

    14. Hit the turps

    A group of people clinking a beer together

    15. Mozzie

    A closeup of a mosquito on someone's body

    16. Munted

    A man passed out on a couch; he is wearing a unicorn horn and there is glitter and balloons scattered around him

    17. Not here to fuck spiders

    Closeup of a spider

    18. Pash

    A man and a woman kissing

    19. Root

    Two hands holding a doughnut and a peeled banana

    20. Shark biscuit

    A Great White Shark swimming in the ocean

    21. She'll be apples

    Closeup of red and green apples

    22. Trackie dacks

    A stack of track pants

    23. Ute

    A utility truck (ute) parked on a dirt road

    24. Woop Woop

    The Australian outback; it is deserted and there's a warning sign about kangaroos

    25. You bloody ripper

    Russell Coight from "All Aussie Adventures" leaning against a car and showing the camera thumbs up

    Now see how Australians performed when we were asked to guess the meaning of Indian slang.