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    I Asked Indians To Guess The Meaning Of Aussie Slang And It Was Hilarious

    "Drongo? Hmm, someone seems to have spelt Drogon from Game Of Thrones wrong."

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    If there's one thing Australians are known for, it's our creative and often confusing slang. Considering that, I thought it would be fun to get my colleagues over at BuzzFeed India to try and guess the meaning of some of our most iconic phrases. Here's what happened!

    1. Bludger

    Brad Pitt lounging around on a soft, smoking and eating a bag of chips
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    Sumedha: I'm reminded of the bludger from Harry Potter. Or is it like when a badger commits a blunder?

    Arundhati: An idiot.

    Sasha: An angry, violent, slightly unhinged and possibly drunk man.

    Actual meaning: A lazy person who avoids working or doing their share of the work.

    Example: "Get back to work, you bludger!"

    2. Budgie smugglers

    Tight-fitting men's underwear
    Getty Images

    Sumedha: People who steal cigarettes from other people.

    Arundhati: Someone who steals stuff from a departmental store.

    Sasha: Parrot thieves. Truly scum of the Earth.

    Actual meaning: An Aussie slang term for tight-fitting, Speedo-style swimwear. The budgie reference comes from a man's peen apparently resembling a budgie when it's stuffed down the front of someone's shorts. I...don't really get it either, tbh.

    Example: "Dad's wearing his budgie smugglers out in public again and I'm very embarrassed on his behalf."

    3. Carry on like a pork chop

    Plate of pork chops that has been barbecued
    Getty Images

    Sumedha: To carry on even when someone or something pulls you down.

    Arundhati: To ignore your long to-do list and carry on as if nothing matters.

    Sasha: All izzz well. *Hoots aggressively.*

    Actual meaning: Making a big fuss about something for little or no reason. Think like the spluttering noise of a pork chop on the BBQ.

    Example: "Stop carrying on like a pork chop, Kimmy. It's not my fault the Macca's ice cream machine isn't working."

    4. Choc a bloc

    A crowded train station platform
    Getty Images

    Sumedha: Crowded or filled to the brim. Example: "The department store was choc a bloc with people just before Christmas."

    Arundhati: A chocolate avalanche! Just all chocolate everywhere.

    Sasha: A safety strategy, like chucking blocks of chocolate at someone when they’re on their period. Works on me IRL.

    Actual meaning: Extremely full or crowded.

    Example: "Damn, the train station is choc a bloc this arvo. I wonder if I'll get a seat."

    5. Chuck a sickie

    Someone wrapped in a blanket, blowing their nose, while talking on the phone
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    Sumedha: To throw up in a bag and then toss it into the dustbin.

    Arundhati: To pretend to be sick even when you’re not.

    Sasha: To be waaay too hungover to go to work and not projectile vomit over your desk.

    Actual meaning: When someone fakes being sick so they can get a day off school or work.

    Example: "The weather is way too nice to spend at work. I might chuck a sickie and head to the beach instead."

    6. Durry

    A hand holding a lit cigarette
    Getty Images

    Sumedha: Another word for diarrhoea.

    Arundhati: Short form of "don't worry".

    Sasha: A mess so big it’s the consistency of bad diarrhoea.

    Actual meaning: A cigarette.

    Example: "Oi, pass us a durry, mate."

    7. Drongo

    Eric Bana in "Full Frontal" dressed as a bogan
    Seven Network

    Sumedha: Someone seems to have spelt Drogon from Game Of Thrones wrong. Or maybe this is what Aussies call dragons idk.

    Arundhati: KHAL DROGO!

    Sasha: I’m picturing a baby roo bouncing around. So...a kangaroo, but smaller?

    Actual meaning: An idiot or moron.

    Example: "Shazza, you drongo! I can't believe you forgot the beer."

    8. Dunny

    A toilet in a bathroom
    Getty Images

    Sumedha: When you don’t know something. Like "I dunny mate".

    Arundhati: The opposite of sunny. "Ah, very cloudy and dunny, innit?"

    Sasha: I’m gonna agree with Sumedha because I dunny what this is.

    Actual meaning: A toilet.

    Example: "I just dropped a big shit in the dunny."

    9. Fanging

    A snake hissing, showing its fangs
    Getty Images

    Sumedha: An Aussie celebrity hanging out with their fan. I would really like Hugh Jackman and Chris Hemsworth to be fanging with me.

    Arundhati: A fan going really gaga when they meet a superstar.

    Sasha: A hickey. Like fangs. On your neck.

    Actual meaning: To desire or crave something badly.

    Example: "Oh man, I'm fanging for a snag from Bunnings."

    10. Flat out like a lizard drinking

    Closeup of a lizard sticking its tongue out
    Getty Images

    Sumedha: When you're so drunk that you’ve passed out and you look like a lizard — except you’re on the floor instead of the wall.

    Arundhati: When you've passed out on the floor after relentless drinking and are as straight as a lizard.

    Sasha: Stop, drop and roll. Stop everything, drop some vodka in your glass and do not roll.

    Actual meaning: To be extremely busy and working hard. Alludes to to the rapid movement of a lizard's tongue when drinking water.

    Example: "I'll pass on going out tonight because I've been flat out like a lizard drinking."

    11. Gobbie

    A hand peeling a banana
    Getty Images

    Sumedha: Munchies that you can gobble after you’ve smoked a doobie.

    Arundhati: A…dwarf?

    Sasha: A snotty kid because goobers...oh wait, those are boogers.

    Actual meaning: A blowjob.

    Example: "Wipe that smirk off your face, Jonno. We know you just got a gobbie while you were out on a 'walk' with Hoges."

    12. Goon

    A man drinking wine from a silver aluminium wine (goon) sack
    Flickr: Jeremy Higgs / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jhiggs

    Arundhati: A shameless criminal.

    Sumedha: What Aru said. A gangster or criminal.

    Sasha: My ex-boyfriend.

    Actual meaning: The Australian word for cheap, boxed wine. People often drink it straight from the sack, which can also double up as a pillow. It's also used in a backyard game called Goon Of Fortune.

    Example: "Hey, pass the goon would you?"

    13. Grommet

    A young boy surfing
    Getty Images

    Sumedha: Short for "grow up mate!"

    Arundhati: Gourmet, but pronounced as grommet. You know, just for fun!

    Sasha: The dog friend of Wallace from that cartoon called Wallace And Gromit.

    Actual meaning: A name used to poke fun at younger or inexperienced surfers and skateboarders.

    Example: "Oi, check out those grommets out on the surf."

    14. Hit the turps

    A group of people clinking a beer together
    Getty Images

    Sumedha: Let’s go to the bar or pub!

    Arundhati: Maybe like hit the beach waves? "Let's hit the turps this weekend!"

    Sasha: I’m thinking beaches! So, let’s get seafood! Particularly, surf and turf!

    Actual meaning: To have a drinking session.

    Example: "The boys are going to hit the turps at the pub later."

    15. Mozzie

    A closeup of a mosquito on someone's body
    Getty Images

    Sumedha: A monster. "Mummy, there’s a mozzie under my bed."

    Arundhati: Mozzarella cheese. "I like a lot of mozzie on my pizza."

    Sasha: Mosquitoes!

    Actual meaning: Short for mosquito.

    Example: "Bloody hell, that mozzie kept biting me in my room last night."

    16. Munted

    A man passed out on a couch; he is wearing a unicorn horn and there is glitter and balloons scattered around him
    Getty Images

    Sumedha: When you cancel on someone or when someone cancels on you.

    Arundhati: Munchies and blunts?

    Sasha: Exactly what Aru said.

    Actual meaning: Someone that is extremely intoxicated by way of alcohol or drugs.

    Example: "I was so munted after leaving the pub last night."

    17. Not here to fuck spiders

    Closeup of a spider
    Getty Images

    Sumedha: I am not here to waste time. I’d very much like to get shit done.

    Arundhati: Not here to listen to your bullshit.

    Sasha: Okay, but who are the people DTF spiders? Maybe it means someone who’s terrifyingly reckless?

    Actual meaning: Another way of saying "I'm not here to fuck around". Basically, to stop wasting time and get the job done.

    Example: "Mate, take a look at this funny TikTok I found."
    "Davo, I'm not here to fuck spiders. Let's finish the preso and go home."

    18. Pash

    A man and a woman kissing
    Getty Images

    Sumedha: A fight or squabble. "My buddy and I had a pash over something."

    Arundhati: To be reckless while decision making.

    Sasha: Opposite of posh. Like “Ew, that’s not posh, it’s pash.”

    Actual meaning: A passionate kiss, usually involving tongue.

    Example: "Did you hear that Robbo pashed Kylie on the weekend?"

    19. Root

    Two hands holding a doughnut and a peeled banana
    Getty Images

    Sumedha: The point or origin of something.

    Arundhati: Rooting for someone. Like how roots of a tree hold the tree.

    Sasha: Alcohol.

    Actual meaning: To do the deed with someone, aka sexual intercourse.

    Example: "Ooft, Jacob in "Twilight" is so hot. I'd love to root him."

    20. Shark biscuit

    A Great White Shark swimming in the ocean
    Getty Images

    Sumedha: A biscuit that the makers of "baby shark dododododo" came up with to promote their song in Australia.

    Arundhati: Something that can be approved by the judges of Shark Tank.

    Sasha: When your friend is terrible at cooking, so you call their food shark biscuits. Because only sharks can eat them.

    Actual meaning: A person who is new to surfing or to describe a bodyboard.

    Example: "There's no way you'll be able to catch a surf on that shark biscuit."

    21. She'll be apples

    Closeup of red and green apples
    Getty Images

    Sumedha: She’s gonna go crazy or mad. "If you don’t make it in time for the big dinner that mum has cooked, she’ll be apples."

    Arundhati: Someone who looks at the world with their rose tinted glasses.

    Sasha: Maybe like...she’s healthy? Like an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

    Actual meaning: An Aussie phrase meaning that everything will be alright and not to worry.

    Example: "What if all the tickets for Troye Sivan's concert sell out before I can grab one?"
    "She'll be apples!"

    22. Trackie dacks

    A stack of track pants
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    Sumedha: An activity tracker. "My trackie dacks say that I completed 10,000 steps today. Time to hit the turps to celebrate!"

    Arundhati: Sexy and colourful track pants.

    Sasha: A dog that enjoys zoomies. My dog is extremely trackie dacks.

    Actual meaning: Tracksuit pants.

    Example: "How cute are my new trackie dacks? I just got them on sale at Kmart."

    23. Ute

    A utility truck (ute) parked on a dirt road
    Getty Images

    Sumedha: When you wanna tell your crush "you’re cute", but you get super awkward and only "ute" comes out.

    Arundhati: United Territory Of Everyone.

    Sasha: Urinary Tract…Experiment? Sounds kinky, I'm game.

    Actual meaning: An abbreviation for "utility vehicle" or "coupé utility" — but it's basically a pick-up truck.

    Example: "Just chuck all those boxes in the back of my ute."

    24. Woop Woop

    The Australian outback; it is deserted and there's a warning sign about kangaroos
    Getty Images

    Sumedha: Expressing joy and excitement or cheering someone on.

    Arundhati: YAY YAY!

    Sasha: Something you say in the club after waaaaaay too many shots.

    Actual meaning: Used to describe a destination that's far away or located in the middle of nowhere.

    Example: "Hey, where do you live?"
    "Out in Woop Woop, mate."

    25. You bloody ripper

    Russell Coight from "All Aussie Adventures" leaning against a car and showing the camera thumbs up
    Network 10

    Sumedha: This is what you tell someone when they’ve played a clever prank on you. Like, “You got me, you bloody ripper!”

    Arundhati: Someone who cheats on you.

    Sasha: A serial farter. I can't think of nothing else now, it HAS to be a farty.

    Actual meaning: To describe someone who is awesome, fantastic and basically an all-round legend.

    Example: "Hey mate, I've already cooked dinner for us and cleaned the dishes.
    "Holy shit, you bloody ripper!"

    Now see how Australians performed when we were asked to guess the meaning of Indian slang.

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