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    Updated on 1 May 2019. Posted on 25 Oct 2017

    21 Struggles That'll Make All Siblings Who Share A Room Say "Too Real"

    I love having no privacy and sleeping right next to my sister!!!!

    1. Trying not to wake them up when you went to the bathroom at night was always a struggle.

    Shuffling around in the dark always ended up with you stubbing your toe on something.

    2. As was resisting the constant urge to tidy up their side of the room.

    But you would never risk it because they would be mad AF if you touched their stuff.

    3. You would always argue about when the room light should be turned off...

    @_amizzle / Via Twitter: @_amizzle

    4. ...but on the bright side, you've now learned how to sleep whenever and wherever.

    @BryanStars / Via Twitter: @BryanStars

    5. You've often dreamed, prayed, and begged for a room of your own.

    Columbia Pictures

    One day, right?

    6. Compromising on decisions like how to decorate your respective halves of the room was always important.

    @blockhousefurniture / Via

    7. But if you were the youngest, you usually didn't get a say on whether you wanted the top or bottom bunk.


    8. When you finally got the chance to sleep in, you would instead be woken up by your sibling's alarm.

    Imagine Entertainment


    9. You would always take the chance to "borrow" their things when they weren't home...

    @tinatbh / Via Twitter: @tinatbh

    10. ...only to get in major trouble when they found out.

    @allitakenaka / Via Twitter: @allitakenaka

    11. Waking up in the middle of the night because your sibling was snoring too loud was always annoying AF.

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    RIP those precious minutes of sleep you'll never get back.

    12. Getting kicked out of your own room when your sibling's friends came over was a regular occurrence.


    And if you tried complaining to your parents they would just be like: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

    13. As was having no sense of privacy.

    sharing a bedroom is awesome i really love having zero privacy and sleeping two feet away from my sister


    14. And it was always when you were studying that your sibling was somehow the loudest and the most annoying.


    15. Any time you watched a scary movie, you'd always freak out and ask if you could sleep in their bed.


    The theory behind this was that you would have been more protected... OR the zombies would eat them first so you could escape unharmed.

    16. After a big argument, you would temporarily "move out" of your shared room.

    @f_danaomg / Via Twitter: @f_danaomg

    17. Just before falling asleep, you would always check to see if they were still awake...


    18. ...and if they were, then you would have some pretty deep and meaningful convos.

    @caitykrone / Via Twitter: @caitykrone

    19. Whenever they went to a sleepover, you would relish in the freedom of having your own space...


    20. ...only to miss them after an hour or two of them being gone.

    21. Because at the end of the day you realised you were sharing a room with your best friend!

    Until they annoyed you again, that is.

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