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21 Hilarious Jokes About Shaving That Will Make Every Girl Say, "Fuck, That's Relatable"

I just really, really love smooth legs and really, really hate shaving.

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1. This never-ending struggle:

@davidslilpookie / Via Twitter: @davidslilpookie

2. And this well-deserved reward after a job well done:

3. This hilariously accurate comparison:

4. And this heavenly feeling:

@bump_baby_and_beyond / Via

5. This all too common ~growing up~ experience:

@averagecynthia / Via

6. This free workout:

@MomofTeen / Via Twitter: @MomofTeen

7. This freshly-shaved legs reality:

@roxysantiage174 / Via

8. This sleek Dolphin-like comparison:

9. And this absolutely necessary post-shaving ritual:

@causewerecomedy / Via Twitter: @causewerecomedy

10. This moment of betrayal:

@melanatedmermaid89 / Via

11. And this depressing feeling:

@MiriMcPherson / Via Twitter: @MiriMcPherson

12. This sign of giving no fucks as you grow older:

@mollymayhem / Via Twitter: @mollymayhem1212

13. This genius plan:

@trendingevents1 / Via Twitter: @trendingevents1

14. This age-old question:

@_lele_justme / Via

15. And this sheer disrespect:

16. This instant mood-lifting activity:

@benedictsbiceps / Via

17. And this moment of vanity:

18. This fast-growing winter coat:

@KelOBake / Via Twitter: @KelOBake

19. This slightly extra but relatable preparation:

@zoobruh / Via

20. This infuriating time-waster:

@_x_kate_1980_x_ / Via

21. And finally, this super-annoying reality.

@loiseburgess / Via