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    I Just Found Out Americans Call Pasta "Noodles" And It Has Shaken Me To My Core

    This literally makes ZERO sense, America.

    Friends of the world, gather round. It's time to discuss an unforgivable food faux pas that all Americans are guilty of making.

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    Alright, let's all take a deep breath, because this may be extremely alarming to some people.

    Actual footage of me trying to contain my rage.

    Americans, for some unknown reason, willingly choose to refer to pasta as "NOODLES".

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    "Wow, look at the big ole bowl of noodles!!!" โ€”Some American, probably.

    Yes, you heard me right. That's N-O-O-D-L-E-S.

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    To say I was shocked doesn't do justice to the wide range of emotions I felt when I uncovered this DISTURBING trend. / Isha Bassi

    Now before I have every single American knocking on my door with a pitchfork, let me explain.

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    Growing up in Australia, I've typically associated "noodles" with Asian dishes.

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    So when somebody says, "Hey, do you feel like noodles for dinner?" my mind immediately goes to some creamy Japanese ramen or a bowl of spicy, stir-fried Chinese noodles.

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    And look, I get it. There are some types of pasta, spaghetti for example, that have a similar appearance to noodles. But then my question, dear America, is why you don't just say SPAGHETTI instead of NOODLES?!?!

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    And don't even get me started on when you call spaghetti "pasta noodles".

    I know Americans think our food choices are weird (cough, fairy bread, cough) but at least us Aussies have never committed a food crime as scandalous at this.

    I wouldn't exactly call it 'cooking' but I can make noodles. That means I can boil water, put the pasta in and wait until it's done. ๐Ÿ˜‚โฃ๏ธ

    @paolomkl / Via Twitter: @paolomkl
    @paolomkl / Via Twitter: @paolomkl

    Isn't this confusing for people??? Surely there's been situations where someone has expected Asian-style noodles and received a bowl of pasta instead.


    If you think I'm starting to sound a little crazy, well, I'm not the only one who thinks you're WRONG, America.

    nothing fucks me up quite like seeing americans refer to pasta as 'noodles'

    Pasta "noodles" its called spaghetti or fettuccine or tagliatelle or some shit idk I'm not Italian but it's definitely not "noodles"

    Massive pet peeve is anyone who calls pasta noodle or noodles, I'm talking to you America #pastaispasta

    I promise this isn't meant to start any beef with you, America. I'm just genuinely confused why this is such a thing in your country.

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    And if any American would like to explain it to me, I'm all ears.

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    But until then, let's get this straight. THIS is a delicious bowl of noodles.

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    And this is NOT a delicious bowl of noodles.

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    Thanks for listening to my TED Talk.