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According To Twitter, These Are The 17 Best Ways To End A Relationship In Four Words

"Who ate my snacks?!"

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Let's face it. Relationships are tough, but breakups are even harder. Like what do you even say? And what's the best way to end things?

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Luckily, the people of Twitter have come through, and shared their versions on how they would #EndARelationshipIn4Words.

1. The results ranged from downright hilarious...

Who ate my snacks?! #EndARelationshipIn4Words


#EndARelationshipIn4Words Is it in yet???


I bought some Crocs. #EndARelationshipIn4Words

4. To some serious deal breakers...

#EndARelationshipIn4Words Slavery was a choice


It's just a coldsore #EndARelationshipIn4Words


#EndARelationshipIn4Words The Earth is flat.

7. There were political discussions...

#EndARelationshipIn4Words Make America Great Again


“I’m a trump supporter” #EndARelationshipIn4Words

9. And debates over topical memes.

#EndARelationshipIn4Words it's Yanny, not Laurel


I definitely hear Yanny. #EndARelationshipIn4Words

11. There was this one concerning jorts, which frankly I can't stop laughing at.

Please iron my jorts. #EndARelationshipIn4Words

12. And this one about the correct pronunciation of "GIF".

I pronounce it “Jif” #EndARelationshipIn4Words

13. Strong music opinions were also expressed.

#EndARelationshipIn4Words Let's go see Nickelback


NO BTS NO SEX #EndARelationshipIn4Words

15. As were some ~interesting~ situations.

"Your dad was better" #EndARelationshipIn4Words


I found your Twitter. #EndARelationshipIn4Words

17. But at the end of the day, it seems like the usual line for breakups prevailed.

It's you, not me. #EndARelationshipIn4Words

Thanks for the advice Twitter, but if you need me I'll be watching Netflix alone in my bed. Lol.