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    "House Of The Dragon" Is Finally Here And I Have A Bunch Of Questions After Watching The First Episode

    I will forever be wondering what dragons smell like.

    Spoilers ahead for "House Of The Dragon" Episode 1 — you've been warned!

    Daenerys with a funny expression on her face; there is text saying me making sure no one misses the spoiler warning so people don't come for me

    The day is finally here — we're returning to Westeros in the long-awaited Game Of Thrones prequel, House Of The Dragon.

    Rhaenyra Targaryen standing in front of a dragon

    Set 172 years before the birth of Daenerys from Game Of Thrones, the series follows the Targaryen family through a bloodthirsty civil war revolving around the succession to the Iron Throne.

    As someone who was bitterly disappointed by the finale that shall not be named or talked about, I had low expectations going into the House Of The Dragon. But after watching the first episode, it's safe to say that I'm hooked.

    Syrax the dragon

    There was conflicting character growth, different factions vying for power, a suspenseful plot line, fantastic world building — basically all of the elements that made Game Of Thrones into one of the most acclaimed series of all time.

    Daemon Targaryen holding a sword

    In saying that, here are some of the questions that popped into my head while watching the first episode.

    Keep in mind that I haven't read the books, so things that may be obvious to other fans might not be to me!

    1. During the narration in the beginning of the episode, the voice refers to Viserys as "my father" — so I'm assuming that this is Rhaenyra Targaryen speaking. Will she narrate the entirety of House Of The Dragon and does this somehow hint at her future?

    King Viserys Targaryen

    2. Multiple characters comment on Rhaenyra smelling like dragon, which is interesting since not one character in Game Of Thrones mentioned that. Anyway, what do dragons smell like? And does each one have a unique smell?

    Rhaenyra standing next to her dragon

    3. Is there something else going on between Rhaenyra and Alicent Hightower? I'm getting more-than-friends vibes.

    Alicent hugging Rhaenyra from behind

    4. What's up with King Viserys' wound? It's definitely not just "bad humours of the mind" — that shit is clearly infected.

    A doctor investigates the wound of King Viserys' back

    5. We find out that Daemon Targaryen is the one to establish the gold cloaks. But why choose the colour gold when House Targaryen's colours are red and black?

    A close up of Daemon in armour and wearing a gold cloak

    6. What do the circular stones represent during the council meetings?

    A hand holding a circular stone on top of a tablet

    7. Were there some odd, incest-like vibes between Daemon and Rhaenyra when he gave her the necklace?

    Rhaenyra moving her hair back so Daemon can put the necklace on her

    8. Speaking about Daemon, why does he get to choose his first opponent during the tourney? Is that how jousting works?

    Daemon pointing his jousting stick at one of the knights

    9. Who exactly are the Hightowers and why do they have such an esteemed position with House Targaryen?

    Otto Hightower

    10. On that note, what's Ser Criston Cole's backstory? They mention he's Dornish and he has enough combat knowledge to hold his own against Daemon.

    Ser Criston Cole wearing armour

    11. Do all of the highest ranked Targaryens have a dragon bonded to them?

    Caraxes the dragon

    12. Why is it so easy for Daemon to overhear the council badmouthing him? They need better walls.

    Daemon listening in to the council meeting

    13. What was written in the raven that Otto Hightower — aka the hand of the king — sent to Oldtown?

    Otto handing a sealed message to be sent by raven to a servant

    14. And did the Hand really just manipulate his daughter into sleeping with Viserys to gain favour with the king?

    Otto telling Alicent "You might wear one of your mother's dresses"

    15. Daemon is banished to Runestone where his wife Lady Rhea is. What importance will she play in the series?

    Daemon sitting on the Iron Throne

    16. King Viserys gets another cut from the Iron Throne. Could Daemon have poisoned the Iron Throne?

    Viserys looking at the cut on his hand

    17. Or could this be the Iron Throne reinforcing that Viserys is a weak king and doesn't deserve to rule?

    Viserys sitting on the Iron Throne while holding a sword

    18. How old is Rhaenyra when she becomes the heir to the Iron Throne?

    A close up of Rhaenyra

    19. When is the time skip going to kick in?

    A close up of Rhaenyra after the time skip

    20. Are we going to see more of the other Houses?

    Boremund Baratheon

    21. And lastly, what's the introduction for House Of The Dragon going to look like?

    The book cover of Fire & Blood

    What did you think of the first episode of House Of Dragon? Let me know in the comments!