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    19 Pinterest Cake Fails That Are Just Begging To Be Laughed At

    These are so bad, they're good.

    Recently we asked the BuzzFeed Community to show off their most hilarious cake fails. Here are some of the best creations.

    1. This nightmare-inducing Easter bunny:

    Eating On A Dime / BuzzFeed / Via

    2. This demonic creation that belongs at the bottom of a fiery pit:

    A German Girl In America / @BlewberryPie / Via / Twitter: @BlewberryPie

    3. This unicorn that looks more like a creature from the deep sea:

    @supersonicsoulsurfer / Via

    4. And this one that looks a little worse for wear:

    @innerears520 / Via

    5. This mess of a hedgehog cake:

    Green Gourmet Giraffe / @nikon92kr / Via /

    6. This depressed reindeer that looks like it's been through some shit:

    Wilton / @becca_bowden / Via /

    7. This Elsa recreation that missed the mark:

    Disney / @dmconnors2 / Via

    8. This Cookie Monster who has seen better days:

    PBS / @cidiusgix / Via

    9. This googly-eyed giraffe:

    10. This incomplete Rainbow Dash:

    Hasbro Studios / @priyasmummy / Via

    11. This confused looking turkey:

    Cake Central / @lc19847 / Via /

    12. This melting catastrophe that is supposed to resemble a cat:

    Cake Central / @bethanyvania / Via

    13. This, er, colourful Darth Vader:

    @Keki-Girl / BuzzFeed / Via

    14. This poor excuse for a rainbow cake:

    @add217 / Via

    15. This Eye of Sauron disaster that ended up looking like something else entirely:

    16. This Barney cake that looks more terrifying than happy:

    @SgtSltyChheze / Via

    17. This extremely thicc interpretation of Ducky from The Land Before Time:

    Universal Pictures / @worlddddstarrrr / Via

    18. This deflated penguin:

    19. And finally, this Dolly Parton cake that deserves an award in baking fails:

    @duncasterwood / Via

    Note: Not all submissions are from BuzzFeed Community users.

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