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    25 Memes About The Bon Appétit Test Kitchen That Will Make You Laugh

    I would die for Claire Saffitz.

    Hi friends! If you haven't already heard of the Bon Appétit YouTube channel, I would highly recommend it if you need some wholesome, cooking vibes in your life.

    Bon Appétit / Via

    The BA Test Kitchen chefs give me so much happiness and joy — and it seems like I'm not the only one. Here are some A+ memes the fandom have made.

    1. This very relatable Gourmet Makes moment:

    2. And this update to Claire Saffitz's iconic line:

    3. This mood board that screams Brad Leone:

    4. And this one that fits perfectly into it, too:

    5. This bang on critique of popular culture:

    6. This application of ~chef logic~:

    7. This hilarious visual of the BA test kitchen team:

    8. This accurate representation of Claire's kryptonite:

    9. And the teamwork required to defeat it:

    10. This out of context moment that describes all of us during self-isolation:

    11. This shoutout to Brad:

    12. This painfully relatable discovery:

    13. This showing of love and gratitude:

    14. This clip, which I could honestly listen to on repeat:

    15. This familiar story we've all seen before:

    16. This slight roast of Amiel Stanek's series, Every Way To Cook.

    17. This moral alignment chart:

    18. This all-too-familiar scenario:

    19. And don't forget about this one:

    20. This classic Claire move:

    21. This moment, which proves why we all love Brad so damn much:

    22. This logical decision that I fully support:

    23. This perfect representation of Claire and Brad attempting to work together:

    24. This inspiring artwork of all our faves:

    25. And lastly, this one which sums up the entire Gourmet Makes series:

    Meme Appetit / Via

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