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    The Hibachi Grill On "MasterChef Australia" Has Stolen The Show And Here Are The Tweets To Prove It

    I, for one, welcome our grill master overlords.

    If you're a fan of MasterChef Australia, you'll know that every year there's usually some sort of food trend the contestants seemingly froth over.

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    In past seasons, it's been the sous vide machine, an alarming use of fennel and a panna cotta overload. But in Back To Win, it's the hibachi grill.

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    And, of course, its use in basically every single challenge has inspired a bunch of hilarious tweets. Here are some of the best ones.


    Me in March: Yeah I have enough things for my kitchen Me in April: How am I still living on this planet withOUT a hibachi grill??? #MasterChefAU


    Imagine if you played a #MasterChefau drinking game where you had to take a shot every time anyone said “hibachi grill” or whenever Laura cooked pasta. You’d be off your head by the 3rd commercial break


    Masterchef has the stability we need in 2020. Every episode we will see: 1. Laura making pasta 2. Poh running it down to the wire 3. Unnecessary use of the hibachi grill #masterchefau


    Me every episode this season when a #masterchefAU contestant pulls out another damn hibachi grill... the parfait of 2020


    No one: Not a soul: Literally nobody: #MasterChefAU All Stars contestant: I’m going to use a hibachi grill


    When will Laura make a pasta on the hibachi grill? WHEN #MasterChefAU


    #MasterChefAU Season 7- Puree Season 8- Parfait Season 9- Icecream Season 10- Dome moulds Season 11- Season of Tessa Season 12- Hibachi grill


    2020: the year of the hibachi grill #MasterChefAU


    #MasterChefAU Somewhere in Australia is a Hibachi Grill distributor scratching his head going 'I dont get it, our sales have shot up 10 fold in the past 2 weeks ....'


    In these uncertain times where the world is complete & utter chaos, there is always one thing that we can always rely on; The excessive use of the Hibachi grill on @masterchefau! I, for one, welcome our Grill Master Overlords! Praise be the Hibachi grill! #MasterChefAU


    Coming up on MasterChef Australia... Reynold somehow makes a cold dessert by using only a hibachi grill. Just you wait for it. #MasterChefAU


    the hibachi grill on #MasterchefAU is turning out to be just as important as the dehydrator in the bon appetit test kitchen


    2020, the year of the Hibachi. Amongst other significant things. But mainly the Hibachi. #MasterChefAU


    the ultimate pressure test for these contestants: “you’re not allowed to use a hibachi grill” #MasterChefAU


    Tuned in thinking it was an all star season, turns out it’s a hibachi grill season. #masterchefau


    Hibachi - the Masterchef contestant we weren’t expecting this season! #MasterChefAU


    My new iso crush is the Hibachi grill #MasterChefAU


    I’m just gonna take a wild guess and say that a hibachi grill will be used in tomorrows challenge #MasterChefAU

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